Direct Aid Society launches the free eye camp in Radfan

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Radfan (Aden of Tomorrow) by Yasser Muqbel

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 14, 2023, the Direct Aid Society launched the free eye campaign, which takes place at the Radfan General Hospital and Dr. Saleh’s Specialist Eye Diseases Clinic.

The first day witnessed a strong demand for examination from various areas of Radfan and its surroundings, and the camp targets cataract patients. The head of the medical team of the camp, Dr. Saleh Hassan Zein, stated that approximately 1,500 patients will be examined. and 390 operations. will be carried out, because the operations will begin on November 16, next Thursday, in the doctor’s clinic. Saleh Specialist Clinic. In this camp, an elite group of specialized ophthalmologists from Al Ain Specialist Clinic and Dr. Saleh Special Clinic participate .
The inspections will continue until Thursday, where he thanked our brothers in the fraternal State of Kuwait, represented by the Direct Aid Society, for their support to such camps, which lighten the burden on the citizen and which burdened him.

We hope for more and more support from them and the establishment of humanitarian and medical camps

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