Dr. Thabet Al-Azab participates in the International Conference on Human Security and Sustainable Development in Iraq

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(Aden of Tomorrow) Abdullah Al-Bahri

The President of the National Society for Scientific Research and Sustainable Development, Dr. Thabet Al-Azab, participated in a working document on historical cities built from mud, in his article he highlighted the historical city of Shibam and its importance.

The works presented to the conference and discussed amounted to about 160 scientific articles on sustainable development. This day was opened by the representative of the President of the Republic of Iraq. The tenth scientific conference and the second international conference, entitled Human Security and Sustainable Development. in Iraq and the Arab World, the reality, challenges and ways of confrontation. The opening session was also attended. The leaders of Iraq, including ministers and university presidents, led by the representative of the prime minister, some Arab ambassadors, and university presidents from Jordan, Somalia, Chad, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen. This conference was supported by the Prime Minister, the International Labor Organization, the Journalists’ Union, the International University Union, the Areed platform, and some Iraqis and Arab universities and academies.And research centers.

The focus was on three main themes:
Sustainable development and economic issues. And environmental issues.

The representative of the National Society for Scientific Research in Abyan Governorate, engineer Abdul Qadir Al-Sumaiti, praised the participation of Dr. Thabet Al-Azab.

He added a thousand greetings to our dear doctor, who always shines, who encourages young people to do scientific research and studies and serves society in general. A thousand greetings to Dr. Thabet Al-Azab.

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