From Al-Khariba in Al-Dhale’, Saleh Ali Nasser greets President Ali Nasser Written by Ali Mansour Moqrat

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This Wednesday evening, I received a WhatsApp message from a new number that was not saved in my phone. I read it and recognized its owner, who is my dear brother, Brigadier General Saleh Ali Nasser Al-Bishi, although it is personal. . But because of its importance and human impact, I publish it in text without disturbing my comment on it

Beloved man of journalism, veteran law, and staunch Republican
Journalist Ali Mansour Moqrat, God protect you and God direct your steps, a man of attitudes, a man of favor. Good evening with you, Brigadier General Saleh Ali Nasser Al-Bishi.
My dear brother, I follow your news first, although age is the end of old age, but besides that we follow your news, my dear brother. If you would be so kind, I would like from you the number of President Ali Nasser, Muhammad Ali Ahmed, and number of Abdullah Ali Aliwa. We salute them before death comes to us, my brother Ali. There must be tolerance and purity of hearts.
Greetings to you, my dear brother Ali

For those who do not know, the author of the letter is Brigadier General Saleh Ali Nasser Al-Bishi, cousin of the martyr fighter Ali Ahmed Nasser Antar, one of the founders of the Army of the State of the South, the former People’s Democrat. Republic of Yemen, the second set.
After I read the message, I asked him to send me the numbers of President Ali Nasser Muhammad and the activist Muhammad Ali Ahmed, the former governor of Abyan, deputy prime minister and minister of interior affairs in the summer war of 1994 AD, as well as the number of Major General Suleiman Nasser Muhammad.
I said: Where are you talking from, my brother Saleh, from Aden or Hadaba? Of course, I made a mistake in the name of the village. He replied: “I forgot about Al-Kharibah.” I asked him about his condition and health. He said: “Praise be to God, we are at the end of our lives, and I want to be with Ali Nasser and Muhammad Ali Ahmed. You know, and God misses them. There are no more of our leaders left but these and a few.”
I told him that you are also one of the remaining sane people of this wounded country, who binds the wounds and does not deepen them. It is enough for you to leave the past and its differences behind and ask about the companions of the good old days
He then said: May God protect you and protect you, my brother Ali. You are truly genuine and you have the credit after God and others for bringing the reunion together. I, by God, follow first your movements, your news and your writings. and first of all, and the work you are doing was not done by any official in the state. That is why you are excellent in my opinion. God willing, we will be on our way. communication.

She said goodbye to Brother General Brigadier Saleh Al-Bishi and felt that the world is a good thing, and that if the southerners rose above selfishness and the madness of power and money, they would become a bloc and a single cohesion that would be. unable to be torn apart. They would regain their state through concessions to each other, and they would be recognized by the international and regional community. But with partnership and balance and with a reference and a code of honor that prohibits and criminalizes rebellion and pointing weapons, no matter how great the differences are, everyone resorts to dialogue and these references.

All greetings to the freedom fighter, Brigadier General Saleh Ali Nasser Al-Bishi, and greetings to His Excellency President Ali Nasser Muhammad, the freedom fighter Muhammad Ali Ahmed, and dear Major General Suleiman Nasser Muhammad.
Until we meet again, peace be upon you

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