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In the various transport stations and public places in the Egyptian capital Cairo, I am attracted by many beautiful features and many comments related to all the heroic deeds of the battles of pride, honor and manhood in Gaza. Heroism and steadfastness in the face of the Zionist-American aggression and in the face of to the Arab failure of the Arab regimes that failed not only the Palestinian resistance but also the Palestinian people and the peoples. The whole Arab began to look with anxious eyes at all kinds of massacres and genocides; without hearing from the oppressed, the agents and the negligent anything that confirms their belonging to Arabism and Islam.

O you oppressed people, what is happening today is greater than you imagine, and if your consciences are not awakened and if you are not ashamed of the interaction of parties, international community organizations and European peoples, then there is no good in you. ….

And you will pay the price, and you will know that what happened to your neighbors will be in your homes tomorrow…. Don’t you understand, idiots and agents…

In this direction, the mind of the beautiful Alexandrian poet and friend… Dr. Ahmed Amin Othman…
And he accompanied the events in poetry, where he said…

**In the arms of heaven**


Sleep tight and leave us with this world of affliction
Sleep, my child, for a world ruled by idiots

How much the earth was watered with the blood of the pure
The bleeding figs of the martyrs will grow

Bomb whatever you want, harvest the innocent
They are the fuel for the awakening of the flood of the nobility

O children of evil and temptation and killers of the prophets
We are the children of light of the pious Ishmael

Soldiers of God in the land of holiness and travel
Our link into Ashkelon is for pure believers

The proud lions of Gaza sought the day of meeting
On the Day of Judgment, our banner will fly to the sky

The energy of our souls for martyrdom and loyalty
Live for jihad, live for redemption

Bilal called to pray. The space trembled
Al-Aqsa calls us with a cry of alienation

If the night of sorrow lengthens, the relief will intensify
The musk is fragrant and overpowers the blood

Your Lord has decreed that a day of ablution will come
Innocence flutters in the arms of heaven

How long are we patient with the enemy of development?
We will enter Al-Aqsa to pray with the brothers

From Ashkelon’s womb women give birth
Do not think that Jerusalem is barren of prayers

It is time to sharpen the swords of punishment
To attract the necks that oppressed the lands of the caliphs

Remember those who protected you in the day of hatred
Castile, Spain, and ignorant heresy

You denied something beautiful, and treachery is the nature of cowards
And the ball is ours today, you killers of the prophets


….Our brilliant colleague in the Sports Media Association, the distinguished Doctor of Human Development, Saqr Abdel-Wali Al-Marisi, has excelled in various fields. Al-Marisi Al-Jamil accompanied some of my writings. who are fair to others with his sophisticated and expressive vocabulary, so he said…

Always be fair
If people were fair to you as you are fair to others, your heart would be at peace for a long time, without treatment or supports.
Justice is one of the most important tools for mending thoughts, and mending thoughts is an effective treatment for any suffering heart.
It gives you safety and security…

Also from Cairo, I was captivated by the next morning’s message from one of the public health giants in the Charity and Donation Group, Dr.
Rabih Hizam Al-Qubai who says…..

…*”O God, whose army is never defeated and whose promise is never broken, and there is no god but Him, be the helper and supporter of the people of Palestine, helper and supporter*

*O God, support them and do not support them*
*O God, do not raise a standard for the Jews in Jerusalem*,
“And do not accomplish any purpose for them, but make them a sign for the people.”

O God: do not deprive us
From the breadth of Your mercy and the perfection of Your grace
May your well-being and abundant blessings be upon you
. Your forgiveness is generous.

The dear, dear and beautiful academician, the former star of the Sanaa Unit, Dr. Qaid Al-Sharjabi, provided me with many expressive text messages that reflect his rare authenticity and his good and genuine nature, from which I draw the following. ..

God bless you with goodness, Abdul Salam. I hope you are well and in good health after the success of the operation, God willing. I am waiting for you to reassure me if you would be so kind as to come at that time. and day you decide. Greetings and a thousand blessings…..

My brother Abdul Salam: Calm me down, if you would be so kind. I hope to God Almighty that the operation was successful. Reassure me that God will heal you and return you to us safely….

Praise be to God and thank God.. and congratulations, my dear brother.. now you have calmed me down and made me happy.. and thank God for your safety.. I will now sleep peacefully.. Good night. , my brother Abdul Salam.

Thus, our esteemed doctor/Qaid Al-Sharjabi proved that he is an example of nobility, loyalty, and rare originality … .


@…the Arabs said
Mavic appears on you
It doesn’t come out of you
Only the most beautiful thing in you..

@…in Gaza
Buildings fell
And the dignity is high
And in the Arab world
The tallest buildings
And the dignity fell
The meeting adjourned…

@…Hype does not equal achievement
The earth grows with rain
Not with the sound of thunder and lightning
Pay no attention to those who talk a lot and do little…

@….there are people who make you forget the world when you deal with them ;;

And people make you forget your education so you can deal with them

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