Google Cloud is strengthening its regional presence by opening a new cloud region in Dammam

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Google Cloud announced today the opening of its new cloud region in Dammam, through which it will provide services of the Google Cloud platform, which enjoy high-level performance and low response time, to customers of all sizes, starting from public sector institutions and large companies, everyone. the way to small and medium-sized businesses and startups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. This significant investment in the technology sector in the Middle East region reflects the growing presence of the company in the region, and the depth of its commitment to support the achievement of the goals of the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This announcement was made during an official launch event hosted today by Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, Abdul Rahman Al-Dhaiban, General Manager of Google Cloud in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Tarek Khalil, Director of Google Cloud in the Middle East and North Africa, and Badr Al-Mady, Director of Google Cloud. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the presence of prominent Saudi government officials, innovation and technology executives, and key decision makers of the Kingdom’s technology community. Research conducted by the Access Partnership and commissioned by Google Cloud indicates that the new cloud region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to add up to $109 billion in cumulative total economic output to the Saudi economy between 2023 and 2030. It is expected, that the economic activity resulting from the growing adoption of cloud services within the Kingdom will have direct and indirect economic effects that will contribute to the creation of more than 148,600 new job opportunities across the Kingdom only during the year 2030.

During his participation in the launch event of the new cloud region, His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Engineer Abdullah bin Amer Al-Sawaha, emphasized the importance of Google Cloud’s investment in the new region, saying: “This investment represents another important step in the process of achieving the goals and ambitions of the Kingdom to become a leading regional center for computer technologies.” “It will contribute to supporting promising digital business initiatives and accelerating innovation in artificial intelligence applications and various business models in the public and private sectors.”

For his part, Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said: “We are currently witnessing one of the most important technological transformations in our contemporary history, as artificial intelligence supports the efforts of organizations to develop the best solutions for the various challenges they face. and improve their ability to communicate and interact with customers, in addition to enhancing levels of efficiency.” And productivity. Our new cloud region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will help public and private sector organizations achieve the maximum benefit from their data, benefit from the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence solutions and create a culture of innovation supported by a modern and sustainable infrastructure characterized of the highest levels of security.” The Access Partnership Foundation indicates in its report that the new cloud region in Dammam can support the growth ambitions of about 1.2 million small and medium companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is worth noting that small and medium-sized companies represent 90% of the total number of companies in the Kingdom and employ 60% of the total workforce, and Saudi Vision 2030 aims to improve the contribution of these companies to cover 35% of the GDP by 2030 .Small companies can. Medium and medium enterprises that are in the early stages of establishing their businesses can apply to join the Google Cloud Program for Startups to obtain support from Google Cloud when the program is available in the Kingdom in the first quarter of 2024. . Qualifying startups will be able to get product support, technical support and specialized guidance from experts. Sectors plus a credit balance for cloud services of up to $200,000 during the first two years.

Starting today, Google Cloud platform services will be available to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through CNTXT, a leading digital transformation company established as a strategic joint venture between Cognite and Aramco. CNTXT is the exclusive distributor of Google Cloud services to all customers of local and international companies that purchase Google Cloud platform services as independent and stand-alone services, through their institutions and companies located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Partners who sell their own solutions supported by Google Cloud services can also sell these products to users located in the Kingdom, and customers residing outside the Kingdom can also work with Google Cloud or any of its partners to host their businesses in the cloud region of Google Cloud. in Dammam.

In turn, Abdullah Jarwan, CEO of CNTXT, said: “We are very pleased to partner with Google Cloud to help provide Google Cloud platform services to companies in the Kingdom, and to work together with the Google Cloud partner system, which play an important role in enabling and accelerating digital transformation and to strengthen the growth of public sector institutions.” And private in the Kingdom. CNTXT, in partnership with Google Cloud, will work to embrace innovation and support local and international institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to benefit from the transformative capabilities that Google Cloud offers locally in the Kingdom.”

Abdul Rahman Al-Dhaiban, General Manager of Google Cloud in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, said: “Google Cloud is one of the leading companies in the cloud sector that is launching a cloud region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the launch of this region represents a clear demonstration of our firm commitment to make an impact in the process of digital development.” in this area”.

Badr Al Madi, Director of Google Cloud in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said: “We look forward to supporting the digital transformation and empowerment efforts of various businesses and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By providing access to cloud technologies and artificial intelligence to the Saudi Arabian market, we will contribute to establishing the right foundations for digital transformation in the Kingdom using the latest digital technologies that will contribute to improving business operations and improving customer experiences to meet the ever-changing demands of businesses and markets .” Abdul Qader Attia, Chief Data and Technology Officer at Saudi Arabian Airlines, added: “Moving from a cloud-first strategy to a cloud-only strategy with Google Cloud is a game changer for our business. We chose Google Cloud to be our cloud service partner based on from our eagerness to benefit from the power of cloud computing to support our growth, become more innovative and achieve our business goals.In addition, our success in improving the efficiency of enterprise resource planning systems and developing them on the Google Cloud platform has played an important role in accelerating digital transformation and raise customer service to new levels.” For his part, Abdul Rahman bin Mutreb, Chief Technology Officer of the Qiddiya and Saudi Arabia Entertainment Project, said: “Qiddiya is the capital of entertainment, sports and art and one of the main entertainment destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and for that reason, we rely on Google Cloud data analytics solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.” To create seamless and personalized entertainment experiences for our guests who will arrive after the opening of this innovative facility Collaboration with Google Cloud supports our business plans to expand efficiently and provide an exceptional experience for guests, while maintaining the highest levels of flexibility and improving the cost of projects.” On the other hand, Mohammed Al-Nouri, CEO of Wamed, said: “Addressing the evolving landscape of data privacy, security and regulatory regulations in the financial services sector can be very challenging. Having a reliable cloud computing region like Google Cloud provides the expertise needed to overcome these challenges and unleash the full potential of data that adds new meaning to customer interactions.It is important to note that with Google Cloud,

“Monetizing data analytics isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality.”

The new cloud region in Dammam is part of the global Google Cloud network, which consists of 39 cloud regions and 118 regions that provide cloud services to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Organizations in the region will benefit from key controls that allow them to maintain the highest levels of security, the availability of local locations to store data, and adhere to compliance standards, including specific requirements for data storage.

About Google Cloud:

Google Cloud accelerates the ability of organizations to achieve digital transformation across all their businesses and operations. The company offers comprehensive enterprise solutions that use Google’s latest technologies and tools to help developers design solutions more sustainably. Customers in more than 200 countries and regions use Google Cloud as a trusted partner to enable growth and deliver effective solutions to their biggest challenges and problems.

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