I show the country.. When will you speak to impose and establish guardian authority over you while everyone is under him subject..?| Written by Muhammad Ahmed Sheikh

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We have previously written, prayed and warned against strife, arrogance and self-love, and against adhering to the politics of two opposites, without a third party, but there is no life for whoever you call for, because everyone sees himself as everyone else and that he is the gallant a knight who is not without dust.,,,

How long will we stay like this, and the cylinder of this or these do not represent Abyan, and all that has appeared to us is a century that we have broken, neither in the transitional government represents us, nor in legitimacy do we like it, nor in reform is our friend, nor in the conference is our brother, and all are against all, and all contain hatred and hatred,,,
What prompted me to write these humble lines is the campaign that was launched against the figures who met with the Minister of the Interior earlier this week without listening to them, and the results that came out of this meeting to coordinate and unite . efforts and that another delegation go to the party acceptable to it to continue the journey to serve Abyan with all its boards and sects. ,

Why don’t we accept each other, respect each other, and complement each other, while these people find acceptance with the minister of internal affairs? We repeat, let the other go to the party that will find acceptance and coordinate efforts and will unite to serve the governor and its 11 boards.

Why do we insist on appearing to others and relevant parties as different and disconnected, thus losing weight and strength, losing our interests and weakening our conservatism?

Abyan Governorate is for all its people, its reform and service is the responsibility of all its people, and its good is for everyone. If some weak souls take advantage of its weight for self-interests, that does not apply to everyone, and let’s make it the dagger, with which we stab it and its people. We do not regard everyone as corrupt climbers, because that is the norm of life, and the presence of these people is a normal thing in all societies until… God inherits the earth and those on it .
I wish that we find a transparent answer to the question that imposes itself on us, which is,,,
Who is the ibis personality that appeared in the political, military, security or civilian side, whose integrity and patriotism we agreed on?
The answer is no one,,,!
So, how long will this damned obsession and self-love continue to dominate our minds?
Do we expect that the father of the earth will speak and resolve the dispute between us, impose and generalize guardian authority over her, while everyone is under him subject..?
We also hope that coordination and understanding will expand to include all eleven boards of Abyan Governorate to form a unified delegation that speaks on behalf of Abyan as a whole without exception, because we see the complete absence of some boards such as monitoring, swimming, and two armies. This coordination can establish a solid ground on which everyone can stand, through which the presence of our county will be imposed in all aspects of the upper state. We restore the glory of the Presidents County.

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