Implementation of field medical clinics project in the central prison in the city of Sayun to examine and examine prison inmates.

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Seiyun (Aden of Tomorrow) Special:

The Health Development Foundation implemented the project on field medical clinics in the central prison in the city of Sayun, under the supervision of the Office of the Ministry of Public Health and Population and in coordination with the Director General of Security and Police, Brigadier General Abdullah Salmeen. bin Habesh, and with funding from the Nahad Development Foundation.

The Director of Programs and Projects at the Health Development Foundation, Saleh Mubarak Bin Kulaib, indicated that the project aims to provide basic health care for the inmates of the Central Prison by providing comprehensive medical services, emphasizing that the medical clinics included medical examination and diagnosis in the clinics and the provision of care, laboratory tests, and free appropriate treatment for them, which It contributes to improving their health status, thanking the Nahad Development Foundation for its support to make the project successful.

The Director of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation in the Valley and Desert Branch, Captain Ali Bin Dohri, confirmed that the medical services provided to the inmates of the Central Prison benefited 99 inmates whose health conditions were diagnosed and that appropriate free treatment was given to they , in addition to conducting some (194) laboratory tests, thanking his appreciation to the Health Development Foundation for implementing this. Specific action to provide medical services, calling on the civil organizations to identify the needs of the central prison and provide them in the coming days .

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