Mayfa’a Court of First Instance issues a death sentence for the murderer of his wife

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Shabwa (Aden of Tomorrow) Special

The Maifa’a Court of First Instance ruled the death penalty for Abd al-Rahman Ahmad Salem al-Fahfah for intentionally and aggressively killing the victim, Maryam Ali Muhammad Saeed, in Case No. (3) of the year 1445 AH.

The court reserved the case for judgment after listening to the closing arguments, which were held, led by Judge Nabih Abdullah Ahmed Al-Bakri, in the presence of Judge Anis Muhammad Baawadah, a member of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the county, the lawyers. of both parties, and the blood relatives of the victim.

The accused confessed before the court the fact that he killed the victim (his wife), while the Public Prosecutor presented evidence that confirmed the confession, including criminal evidence.

The Maifa’a Court of First Instance issued a number of death sentences less than a month after holding its first sessions, as part of efforts to activate judicial work in the board.

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