Modi’s security emergency commander concludes a rights case between the Hashed contractor and the workers of Fahman Stadium

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Mudiyah (Aden of Tomorrow) Nasser Omar Mashdag

With enormous efforts and continuous follow-up by the Commander of the Modiya Security Emergency Forces, Lieutenant Ali Shajar Al-Hatemi, a human rights case between the Al-Hashidi contractor and the workers of the Fahman Sports Stadium was concluded.

Where the Modiya Emergency Commander, Lieutenant Ali Shajar Al-Hatemi,
Sitting with both the Al-Hashidi contractor and the workers of the Fahman Sports Stadium, all the financial rights of the workers were recognized and a memorandum was written and signed by all parties.

This human rights case is considered closed until today, after all the problems that existed between them were resolved and the car that was seized by the workers was returned and handed over to its owner, with the guarantee of Lieutenant Ali Shajar Al-Hatemi, Commander. of the Modi Security Crisis.

The matter started almost three years ago, and has not been resolved until today, because many of the people of the district could not resolve it.

Therefore, we call on all citizens to observe the laws and regulations and use the language of reason and patience. We also congratulate with all pride and honor such security leaders who seek to resolve any disputes or social problems in the Modiya District.

The session was attended in the Fahman Club building by:
1_Ali Hariz Al-Hatemi
Moody security director representative.

2_Ahmed Al-Ezzi Al-Salhi
President of Fahman Club in Modiya.

3_Hussein Ali Al-Haddad
Member of the management of Fahman Modiya Club

And some social figures.

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