Money between satisfaction and greed Judge Abdel Nasser Sunaid wrote

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In our dreams, we rely a lot on imagination. Sometimes our imagination is broad and a little exaggerated compared to our reality. Reality never flatters anyone. It comes as it is, and we must accept it, whether this acceptance is according to our will. or against our will, such as it is, silently and submissively, without any opposition. A cry of protest or objection because all this will not do us any good and will not change our lot or improve our conditions. Sometimes our imagination is a little modest compared to our positions in society, and sometimes our imagination is so wild that we can’t even control it compared to our ambitions.

Life is an elegant cocktail that represents a mixture of joys and troubles, between which we fluctuate between tears and smiles, and we live in it according to what was written for us. Some people can get a few crumbs in this world to fill their life, while others may receive much that they do not accept, and the strange thing is that… The thing is that you see that the owners of things thank God, Blessed and Most High, and thanking God, Blessed and Most High , because this blessing, while you see those who whisper a lot among themselves, realizing that this much is little compared to their ambitions.

The measure of blessings is not the abundance of money, but rather gratitude to God, Blessed and Most High, in all circumstances. Those with a lot of money can suffer panic or blows if they lose part of this money, although the money they can to suffer may have satisfied their needs for centuries, but this is poverty, even if its owner wears the turban of the rich.

All balances in this world can be unbalanced and tipped in favor of money. Money has a strange resonance in people’s souls. A man can sell his impurity for this money. A man can sell his principles for this money. . A man can sell his faith for this money. A man can sell every ounce of his dignity for this. Money, and he finds himself among piles and bags of money, taking many selfies with him, elegant and smiling, expressing his story with his claims of success.

In conclusion, our pockets may be empty of money, but our hearts are not empty of hope in God.

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