Nothing Chats brings iMessage compatibility to Android

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led no compatibility between service iMessage of Camel And applications Messaging Supportive For RCS to like WhatsApp And Telegram And Google Messages to what he is called By division bladder chat blue On the contrary green where complete exclude Users no followers For a company Camel of Chat rooms Collective with Bubbles Textual green.

So, progress company Nothing now sweet to its users of while application Messaging the new Nothing Chats.

It was completed development application Nothing Chats In partnership with Sunbird Messaging, and he He provides compatibility with iMessage With what in that Messages Bubble green wanted, And support The complete For messages chat collective, And indicators writing straight, And share Mass media perfect Accuracy And notes acoustic. like complete Insert Receipts reading And interactions Messages And the answers on that it you will come almost.

will be available application Nothing Chats on store Google Play Considering of 17 november Exclusively For users NothingPhone (2).

working platform Messaging new using practical Sunbird The occasion on innocence an invention Who Includes construction id Camel And check of His health on device Camel Who He uses it Users after that Register access to application Nothing Chats.

working service Nothing Chats after that on Profit of the number, the number no Advertiser of Devices Macintosh small of Sunbird in everyone around Europe And America North As a point road To send And a reception Texts And the media Compatible with iMessage.

And it states Nothing on that everyone Messages Nothing Chats encrypted, So no maybe For Sunbird no Nothing access to Your messages or Your files shared.

it will be Nothing Chats Exclusive For users Nothing Phone (2) in the states United And Canada And the kingdom United And the union a European when launch.


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