Sony brings new features and improvements to the Xperia smartphone

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i started company Sony in update phone Xperia 10V (Who informs Its price to present 349.99 $ an american on Amazon) to System Android 14, It is considered the phone he an alternative middleFor my phone Xperia 1V And Xperia 5V.

To clarify, published Company Updated equivalent For phone Xperia 1V the last one this the week Who complete Hand it out K 67.1.A.2.112. and on Contrast of that It remains phone Xperia 5V He is working System Android 13 in the time present, until in market Local For a company Sony.

And according to For proverbs Xpericheck, receipt broadcasting Android 14 to phone Xperia 10V By broadcast 68.1.A.2.93. And with that published company Sony Only An update to “XQ-DC54” in time publishing, and he set free sold out in the Union a European And the kingdom United.

And from Assumed that to begin Versions The other one to like XQ-DC44 And XQ-DC72 in Receive 67.1.A.2.112 in weeks coming.

And she explains company Sony in Issued In the blog that update Android 14 to add Many of Improvements to phone Xperia 10V,.

on road example, It will be phone Xperia 10V Compatible with application Find My Device Once Update it to System Android 14 And he can Share andReception Files with Devices Windows using feature to share Close by.

Bonus on that She got up company Sony expanding Options set up Abbreviations screen lock up on That that It was completed sent indeed in Android 13.


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