Student Parents Council in Mansoura and Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Educational Complex Written by Hisham Al-Hajj

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I visited this morning to the Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Complex, this educational complex in Mansoura, accompanied by Professor Ali Obaid Al-Salahi, President of the Student Parent Council in the Directorate of Mansoura. There were short hours of educational talk about the Mansoura Management and the reality of education there. I was very pleased with the detailed explanation and going to the Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Complex, which… It can accommodate more than two thousand students.

What I saw in this complex warmed my heart while I was with him, and what are the wonderful efforts of those personalities who are silently working to raise the educational level. I went around the complex and detailed explanations about the math laboratories, instructional development labs, I went around the complex and detailed explanations of the math labs, the instructional development labs. and robot labs. I felt like I was in another country, and what increased my happiness was when I got… In our directorate in Mansoura, we do teacher training lessons on computer education for all teachers in Mansoura schools, and my curiosity about to know the reality of education in Mansoura has increased, so I say everything that is done and will be done in the Mansoura Directory in terms of continuing to develop education, and its reality is different from the perception I had in my mind. … something… I gradually learned that behind this success in the Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Complex was a philanthropic, charitable and social pyramid embodied in the presence of the two social figures in the Mansoura Directorate, led by the honorable Professor Ahmed Ali Al-Daoudi. , Director General of the Directorate, and the honorable Professor Ali Obaid Al-Salahi, President of the Council of Parents of Students in Mansoura, for their generous concern for education and their interest in many issues. Among the educational, service and charitable aspects of the Directorate, activating, activating and developing the reality of education and their unlimited support, which is embodied in the spirit of humanity and charity, activating and continuing to pay financial allocations to many teachers and poor students who receive their salaries with daily wages for a large number of them to continue the educational process and provide all services to students who are deaf and dumb. They pay a lot of attention to many of the schools of the directorate, which are sponsored and sponsored by the Director General of the Directorate and the Student Parent Council.

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How happy I felt as I walked around the math lab, the instructional development lab and the robotics lab, and the huge potential of those centers. I was impressed by the modern style of the class I attended, the detailed explanation given. by the distinguished professor, Iman Moussa, and the distinguished explanation of the educational methods that reflect the reality of education in modern schools at the level of the Arab world. The completion of the Khadija Bint Khuwaylid Educational Complex and acquisition of the Outstanding Project Award for the School Excellence Award for the Arab Gulf States for the year 2022. It was also a qualitative addition in this regard to open the Aden Education Portal, which is a free teaching portal and educational window for all students from ninth to third secondary school, in which 1,200 lessons are taught and education science majors.. Free..

Finally, all thanks and appreciation to those responsible for these educational and teaching achievements of Mansoura Directorate.

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