Students of the 48th batch of the Department of International Trade, University of Aden, take a field trip to the Aden Port Container Terminal.

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Aden (Aden of tomorrow) special.

On Tuesday, 14/11/2023, students from the Department of International Trade, Location 48, at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science of the University of Aden, made a trip to the Aden Container Port in coordination with the Aden Container. Port Security Administration.

During the disembarkation, during which they were accompanied by employees of the Safety and Security Department, in addition to Professor Tariq Saeed of the Business Department, the students of the batch were informed about the establishment of the port, its area, the nature of it. work and its various departments, the current pace of the work of the port, the number of ships receiving it and the nature of the procedures followed to organize the work of the port, in addition to the types of cranes. And the nature of its work, and on the port equipment and maintenance departments present for periodic maintenance, and on the private power plant that supplies the port of Aden with electrical energy with a capacity of 20 megawatts.

The students of the 48th batch of international business thanked the Vice Dean for Community Service Affairs at the College of Economics and Political Science, Dr. Munser Habtoor and Head of the International Trade Department, Dr. Ghalib Jawas for his efforts in organizing the field landing and issuing the necessary instructions to facilitate the field embarkation of the group students. They also extended their gratitude and thanks to the deputy director of security of Aden Container Port, Commander Alaa Makki, for his efforts made in coordination of the field disembarkation of the batch, and to facilitate all the procedures necessary to carry out the field disembarkation with complete smoothness and coordination. In addition to the group representatives, Abdul Karim Adnan Al-Soruri and Bayan Muhammad Salem Balfqih, for their continuous communication. with all relevant parties to make the trip a success.

By* Murad Anwar

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