The Abyan Women’s Union is holding a dialogue session as part of the livelihood and economic empowerment project

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The Union of Women, a branch of Abyan Governorate, held this Wednesday morning in the hall of the Union of Women in the capital of Abyan Governorate, Zanzibar Directorate, a dialogue session entitled harassment of girls and women in the streets under the age of 18, as part of the Project on livelihood and economic empowerment carried out by the Union of Women with the support of the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA with the participation of relevant authorities.

During the opening of the dialogue session, which was attended by the head of the National Committee for Women in the governorate, Mrs. Khaleda Al-Qadiri, the advisor to the Abyan governor on legal matters, lawyer Wafa Khadr, the head of the community committees of the Abyan Women’s Union, Mr. Mahfouz Muhammad Abdullah Farea, and some representatives of civil society organizations, security agencies, the education and health sectors, human rights activists and journalists, she welcomed the secretary general. Ms. Adeela Ahmed Khader spoke to the participants in the session, explaining that the dialogue session is taking place within a number of dialogue sessions conducted by the Abyan Women’s Union to deal with some negative phenomena that have spread in the society.

She emphasized that the phenomenon of harassment of girls and women in the streets under the age of 18 began to spread for several reasons, the most important of which is that some families push women and girls, some of them at the age of 15 and 16 years. , begging in the streets and markets with the aim of earning money, which leads them to be subjected to harassment and sexual assault, pointing out that The Union of Women is aware of many issues and events that confirm the existence of such incidents and seeks, through these sessions, determine the causes and develop appropriate solutions for such cases and incidents that harm women and society.

In their interventions, the participants in the dialogue session touched on identifying the reasons that lead to the harassment of girls and women, the most important of which is poverty and the need that encourages some families to practice begging through girls and women, as well as the spread of unemployment and the lack of a stable source of income, as well as the dropout of some girls from school, the failure of some families to monitor and follow their children, and the weakness of The role of the security and judicial services and the lack of action and judging cases that have led to an expansion of the circle of violations in society and an increase in attacks occurring against girls and women, as well as a result of the lack of awareness of some families and the weakness of the religious motive of the perpetrators of harassment and sexual attacks

The participants in the dialogue session emphasized that the most important solutions to such phenomena are, firstly, raising awareness through mosque preachers, neighborhood leaders, social figures and the media, and also in schools through social workers, and also to activate the role. by the security services to discourage and persecute the perpetrators, not being lenient, and present them to the judicial bodies to receive their just and dissuasive punishment, and not to delay the cases. In the courts to ensure that such crimes and violations do not continue; as well as empowering poor families with small projects that help them provide a source of income that will spare them the practice of begging, and strive to establish a prison facility for young people in Abyan Governorate concerned with reforming and disciplining young people and not integrating them with others. criminals to ensure that they are not affected by those around them.

*By Muhammad Saleh Abdul Rahman

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