The Director of Education in Sheikh Othman holds a consultation meeting with the heads of the parent council in government schools in the board.

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This morning, Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Mr. Anwar Mihdhar Rajeh, Director of the Department of Education, M. Al-Sheikh, held a consultation meeting in his office with the heads of the parent council in the public schools in the board of directors.
The meeting aimed to consult on some pedagogical and educational topics in the schools of the directorate related to community participation, which contributes to the success and stability of the educational process and ways to protect our students during school hours against any harm.

Al-Mihdhar pointed out the spread of some viral and bacterial diseases, malaria, dengue and cholera, underlining the educational duty that is dear to all relevant school administrations, teachers and parent councils in the schools of the district. Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, government and private, and prevent infection with such diseases so that our students avoid contracting them.

On his part, he directed all school administrations and parent councils to join forces and work in a team spirit with school performance supervisors through leadership awareness programs and activation of morning queue programs. The afternoon queue lasts 5 minutes to carry out a campaign to raise awareness and prevent these diseases, to intensify awareness in all its forms, and to make more efforts through health control in all schools and educators to follow students and record and control any disease. cases that may appear and report them to the Department of Education. Sheikh Othman to the head of the school health department in the directorate to take the necessary measures and precautions for this.

On the other hand, the Director of the Education Department of the Directorate discussed in this meeting the needs of the government schools for teachers resulting from the deficit occurring in the schools of the Directorate for the academic year 2023-2024 AD and the role of the parent councils in contributing through school administrations to solve this crisis.

At the end of the meeting, all the heads of parents in the Directorate’s schools expressed their great satisfaction in holding such meetings aimed at developing and improving the educational process in the Directorate and participating with everyone in cooperation and a coordinated effort to overcome the difficulties and obstacles. this can lead to confusion in the educational process in the Directorate’s schools.

Ms. Intisar, head of the Department of Girls Education and Community Participation in the Directorate, Mr. Ramzi Hussein Ahmed, head of Private and Private Education in the Directorate, and Professor Munif Abdel Ghafour, Educational Media, participated in the meeting. in the Board.

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