The execution of an Adeni youth accused of killing an Omani man, and his funeral will take place tomorrow Written by Afaf Salem

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I could not believe it when I saw and listened to videos that were circulated on Tuesday afternoon of the unjust execution of a young Adeni man named Haitham on Monday morning, November 13 of this month.

He was unjustly imprisoned five or more years ago on a murder charge, and at the time he was a minor, but unfortunately that was not considered.

Haitham was executed while he was fasting, after he had prayed two rak’ahs, and he was ready for unjust revenge, with his hands folded, visible by word and finger.

The young man cried out unjustly, but his tears were of no use in freeing his captivity and freeing his neck. The execution of the young man was in retaliation for a crime he did not commit.

The perpetrator who committed the crime against the Omanis, who is Haitham’s half-brother, according to what was circulated, fled, and Haitham became a victim even though he did his best to help the man who died after the stabbing and inserted a knife into his. body

Haitham grabbed the knife to save the Omani’s life and went to help him, but God forbid, it was proof against him because the fingerprints were his.

The stories differed and were many, but the painful truth remains that Haitham left the human world oppressed by what he did, and it is conveyed through the media that followed his disaster.

Haitham faced the death penalty last Monday, and he fasted with patience and calmness after praying two rak’ahs and reciting the tashahhud uniting its Lord.

Haitham was not a criminal, otherwise he would have fasted for two consecutive months during his five-year prison term.

Haitham left Aden in search of a decent living, and he did not know that he would return as a dead man and pay the price for a crime he did not commit.

Haitham was killed twice when he was attacked while unconscious, if the story is true, and the second time in retaliation for a crime he did not commit, and he suffered the bitterness of betrayal and the bitterness of human injustice.

Haitham’s tears, which he shed with burning, brokenness and helplessness, wounded those who heard his story and broke hearts and hearts because of his injustice.

Haitham left this world with a beautiful appearance and a beautiful appearance, satisfied with the decrees of his Lord. He went to a place of divine justice and will meet the soul of the deceased who killed him before he was killed and killed him afterwards. he was slain, and there will be true and just vengeance.

It was said that Haitham’s body will arrive tomorrow morning from Al-Mahra to Aden, specifically to Sheikh Othman Hayy Abdul Aziz, to bury his rich body so that he can rest in peace after his family and companions and all those who followed his tragic a witness It is expected that the funeral procession will be large and solemn for the innocent who abstained from injustice, unless he is killed without mercy.

Condolences and heartfelt condolences to his mother, his brothers, his wife and his little daughter, who was no more than a year old when her father was imprisoned. She knew from the cradle orphanhood and the cruelty of human hearts against her father, when all attempts to free him, blood money, or imprisonment did not succeed until God made a way out for him.

Haitham’s oppression is over, his soul is at peace, and he can rest in peace after ascending to his Lord

It remains for us to invite all those who sympathize with his oppression to have mercy on him, as he recommended in the videos that were widely distributed, and who can participate in the funeral, do not miss it. How beautiful and great. is the sympathy of feelings and repair for the bereaved hearts.

And do not forget to pray, prayers and peace be upon the most honorable of the prophets

Afaf Salem

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