The Lauder Executive Office meets under the chairmanship of the Director General of the Directorate, Mr. Jamal Alala.

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The Lawdar District Executive Office, led by the Director General of the Lawdar District, Mr. Jamal Saleh Alala, met in the first meeting which included the facilities and the administrative body of the Lawdar District Local Council with the new Director. General. The meeting touched on many important points on which it was urgent to work.

The Director General of the Directorate ordered the directors of revenue facilities to activate revenue resources in accordance with the directive of the leadership of Abyan Governorate and the relevant circular, and to discuss the obstacles that prevent many collection resources, the most important of which is the sale. and purchase of lands and the failure of the office to collect taxes and fees due to the office, as well as to activate and reduce the multiplicity of collection and recommendation points, in coordination with local authorities in Abyan Governorate decided to allocate official points instead of the state of chaos and the spread of many points that burdened the citizen, and to activate the revenue aspects of the light and heavy transport office for cars and their provision to the tax and financial office in the board, as well as the collection of shop taxes and renewal fees in all shops, workplaces and various professions without exception.

All local and central revenue sources were discussed, which improve revenue resources to carry out many service tasks

After many transparent discussions on the general issues and tasks for each facility, the Director General, Mr. Jamal Saleh Alilah, encouraged all directors of administrative offices to interact with the suffering of citizens and submit reports on their work during the past year to assess the work of each facility in the Directorate. The General Director wished everyone success and work as one team, as well as the administrative body. It has many tasks in all service departments and future projects that depend on activating the collection of financial resources.

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