The local authority in Aden hands over to the hygiene fund a third set of machinery and equipment

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Aden ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

Today, the local authority in Aden delivered the third set of new machinery and equipment to the Cleaning and Improvement Fund.

The Minister of State, Governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, affirmed the zeal and continuation of the local authority to improve the performance of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund to improve the cleanliness of the city.

In turn, the General Director of the Fund for Cleaning and Improvement, engineer Qaid Anam, explained that the third batch includes the purchase of eight trucks with a capacity of 3 tons, and four trucks with a capacity of 13 cubic meters, in addition. street sweeper with a capacity of 12 cubic meters, with financing from the municipality and the Cleaning Fund.

Rashid confirmed that the Fund has made great strides in the direct transportation of waste, reaching 70 percent, and its management also wants to develop the work to reach various neighborhoods and streets throughout the districts.

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