The popular reflections and the return of Aidros..| Written by Saudi Ahmed Saleh Al-Hashash

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The people of Aden and the neighboring governorates have witnessed several economic and life challenges in recent years, because the situation has worsened to an unbearable extent, especially in Aden. However, the return of vice president Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi to Aden has raised the hopes of the people. to improve living conditions and economic conditions.

The anticipation and optimism of the people reflects the hope for positive change that will normalize life and improve the quality of life. Many expect the return of Aidaroos to be an opportunity to improve stability and revitalize the economy, improving job opportunities and limiting the continued deterioration witnessed in local markets.

In light of this optimism, people look to the expected future efforts to achieve development and improve basic services that have been seriously affected during the past period. People also hope to see effective investments that contribute to improving the infrastructure and strengthening the competitiveness of the city.

It is important that efforts to improve conditions are balanced and comprehensive, focusing on the electricity problems, currency depreciation, unemployment and poverty from which many suffer. In addition, the government should work to improve the business environment and provide support to the private sector, which encourages investments and strengthens the growth of the local economy.

In conclusion, the people’s optimism reflects their hopes for a better future, as they look forward to achieving sustainable progress that will restore hope and confidence in a better tomorrow.

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