The Preparatory Committee for activating the basic system of the Hadhramaut Tribal Alliance, structuring and rotating its presidency, and conducting its work holds its first meeting.

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The preliminary commission emerging from the expanded meeting of the members of the presidency and leaders of the Hadhramaut Tribal Alliance, the positions, the Maqadma, and the sheikhs of Hadhramaut, to activate the basic system of the alliance, structure and rotate its presidency, and to conduct his work, held his first meeting in the town of Mukalla.

The meeting approved the election of the following to chair the Preparatory Committee:

– Sheikh Khaled Muhammad Omar Al Kathiri, President.

– Lieutenant Colonel Ali Abboud Al Ali, deputy.

– Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Salem Badhiab Al-Awbthani, deputy.

– Lieutenant Colonel Omar Saeed Bashkar, deputy.

– Sheikh Salem Hussein Al-Saadi, member.

– Lieutenant Colonel Abdulaziz Ahmed Al-Akbari, member.

– Lieutenant Colonel Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Shabibi, member.

– Lieutenant Colonel Salmeen Al-Juwaid Baqadeem, member.

– Lieutenant Colonel Najmi Salem bin Yamani Al-Tamimi, member.

– Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Saeed Al-Jariri, member.

Position: Ahmed Abu Bakr Bawazir, member.

Position: Ahmed Muhammad Balsharm Al-Hamid, member.

The attendees also approved the task of chairing the committee to the following:

– Communicating and coordinating with all tribes and developing a program of meetings with senior leaders, positions and sheikhs to strengthen alignment and effective participation to achieve the goals of the committee.

– Hold a monthly meeting to consult and evaluate the work of the committee.

– Expand the membership of the Preparatory Committee to enable it to involve all the tribes in opinion and advice.

In its meeting, the committee approved a number of recommendations and tasks aimed at strengthening its work and fulfilling all the tasks assigned to its members to carry out the work of the alliance.

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