The South and the Mirage of the State Written by Ali Thabet Al-Taami

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I never expected the situation to reach what we have reached.. until the south, that great dream and the proud homeland, became a miracle. When we thought we were close to it, a miracle of illusion appeared for us.. The makers of the revolution, the revolutionaries of the time, spread across the country and turned into oxen. It fills its thirst with valleys of clover to feed, and as soon as it runs out, its wide eyes wander to another.
As for the men, Ibn al-Zubaidi, with whom you made that covenant, they died of hunger while you were returning from one journey to another.. And on their graves danced the girl to whom you had duties and whom those ranks loved. .
We pledged allegiance to you under the roof of the transitional council and you were our representative when we saw in you the integrity of the leader and the spirit of a loyal patriot, but the reality has now put you in the sight of our pens and you. are not immune from them. Those people did not gain power and dilute the issue, but rather made the great south a mirage of illusion except thanks to your authority.

We tried again and again to suppress this force deep within us, so that we would not let hostile aspects gnaw at our cause and harm our leadership in the implementation of their projects… but your leadership and the members of your party did not go away. let anything in us be hidden. and the wounds that we have hidden by your actions have healed and exposed in full view of the people. The people in your country are fighting for a piece of bread, and your soldiers are coming to take it out of their country ; mouths, and the sellers share the crumbs with their families to complete (the qat shop) exceeding a hundred.
As for the senior leaders, there is nothing wrong with that, and I am not unaware of it.

Where is the south? What is the motherland!?
I’m hungry and I don’t see a homeland in you!
I think about the people, I love salvation for them, and our biggest dream is a crumb that returns the mouth of a hungry person, is this the motherland!?

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