The Student Sector officer Al-Mesaimeer distributes food and kitchen utensils to male and female university housing students.

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Lahj (Aden of Tomorrow) special

The Student Sector Officer in Al-Musaimeer, Lahj Governorate, Abdul Halim Fahmi Al-Hushbi, distributed food and kitchen utensils to male and female students of the board in their dormitories in some colleges at the University of Aden.

The official of the student sector confirmed that, with the support of the local authority represented by the Director General, Sheikh Hamim Muhammad Saeed, some in-kind materials and kitchen equipment were made available to students of Al-Musaimeer studying in the institutes and colleges of the University of Aden to alleviate their suffering.

The housing officer of the university explained that, with careful follow-up by him, he extracted an amount sufficient to last 5 months and provide the needs that the housing representatives raised and delivered to them in the presence and assistance of Director Mahmoud Adel Abbas Al . -Masahri Al-Hushbi.

Mesaimeer student housing expressed its thanks and appreciation to the brothers, director Mahmoud Adel Al-Hushbi, the representative of the local authority, Ahmed Al-Hamdi, and the secretary of the local authority, Adel Saeed, for standing with the students and following with them to extract the amount allocated to them during the past months, which was not spent for various reasons before his appointment as head of the student sector, and there was a deprivation. For students of that allocation, and thanks to God, our efforts, together with the Executive Director and Financial Director of the Fund for Cleaning and Improvement, were crowned with success in extracting the amount and supplying food and kitchen utensils as requested by the delegates, in addition to amounts of money to supply electricity and water. tickets

At the end of his speech, the student officer of the sector called on all institutions, associations, charities and leaders of the Al-Musaimeer District, Lahj Governorate, to support the students and alleviate their suffering as much as possible, especially in these exceptional, difficult circumstances that the country is going through.

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