The Teachers’ Club announces an escalation until the release of its leaders kidnapped by the Houthi militia

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Aden Al-Ghad / Consequences

The Yemeni Teachers Club, in the capital, Sana’a, announced today Wednesday its increasing demands for the release of Sheikh Abu Zaid al-Kumaim, the president of the club, and his abducted companions, against the background of their demands for the payment of salaries of teachers.

The club said in a statement on Wednesday that it has mobilized teachers in all counties to stand together if the club president and those with him are not released, and hold protests authorized by the stakeholders next Monday.

The club called on the Public Prosecutor to send those involved in detaining the freedom of the club president and those with him for an immediate investigation and release them.

The club also renewed its call to all human rights organizations, the United Nations Children’s Fund, human rights organizations, and the Bar Association to stand by the teachers and demand that their salaries be paid.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militia faced the comprehensive strike led by the Yemeni Teachers Club since the beginning of the school year by kidnapping the president of the club, Sheikh Abu Zaid Al-Kumaim, by the general secretary of the club, Mr. Mohsen Al-Dar, and the head of the branch of the club in Al-Mahwit Governorate, Mr. Nasser Al-Qaish, in addition to the kidnapping of the head of the branch of the club in Raymah Governorate. Mr. Ibrahim Jadib.

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