To the beasts is the ignorance of the deaf, dumb and blind, who do not understand, but rather deviate from the way:| Written by Abdul Rahman Jinnah

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Dr. Al-Mikhlafi is a crown of pride, masculinity and competence, the letters of his name and his memory carved in the conscience and memory of the honorable people of Taiz and all of Yemen.

To those sick mutants who don’t care and are only capable of hoarding their hate and malicious, distorting, deliberate accusations who seek without wanting to satisfy their rotten desire and satisfy their sick self and their useless mind, and to those who pay them and pay the reward for their insults and provocative, vulgar attempts, those who try, with all their foolishness and contempt, to attack the great and noble personality. Dr. Abdul-Qawi Al-Mikhlafi, First Deputy Governor of Taiz Governorate, who does not need our defense and our desperation to defend him, is not cheap mercenary work, flattery or hypocrisy, rather, it tells the truth that falsehood cannot reach, either from its hands or behind it, and those deaf, dumb and blind brutes. refuse, unless they try to paint a distorted picture full of lies. And slanders and abominable hatred, which only reflect the extent of the naivety, stupidity and foolishness that have reached and characterized those pens, whose only satisfaction is to dispute falsehood and lies; about the reputation, status, masculinity, competence and patriotism of the humane and wise man, Dr. Al-Mikhlafi.
I do not know how these brutes have reached this degree of hatred and ignorance by their trials, in which they curse every letter of their filthy publications while they do not realize it. By God, if only we had found faults, sins, and failure, or even smelled its scent in Noble Michlafi, we would have been the first to abhor and displease him, but for our familiarity and knowledge of the nature of The efforts, dedication, purity of soul and hand and integrity of heart, which are unique. to Dr. Al-Mikhlafi. We found ourselves, and the love and respect for this high national leadership mission forced us to support and defend him, and curb those rotten mouths and dirty pens, and silence them until we alert those who receive these stinking odors from the publications of those sterile mutations that insist Without any benefit they gain except the curse of the honorable people and the worshipers of Dr. Al-Mikhlafi at the level of Taiz Governorate. What are these dirty cattle and pens profiting profit from his desperate attempts to profit or do any good in them, including them at all!?
We affirmed and repeated our affirmation to all those who are not satisfied with the certainty that Al-Mikhlafi is of the highest and most delicate position and grade, and he will not slip by pressing some free, honorable pen to respond to everything spread by. those sterile, hateful, cheap defects, because defending him is our duty and the duty of honorable, free people who are aware and aware of who Dr. Abdel-Qawi Al-Mikhlafi is and how to take care of him. And his sense of morality ; responsibility to the people of Taiz Governorate without discrimination, and how we find him not sometimes, but by God most of his time, days and hours in his office and his home, which has become a sanctuary for the general public from every afternoon until late. hours of the night and without getting tired or bored, is with renewed energy in the fulfillment of his duty. Like the first man of the county, who thanks to the help of God and then to his grace, was able to remove some obstacles to lift Taiz out . of its miserable situation.

*For every disease there is a cure for it* *Except for foolishness that is tired of dealing with it.

*✍🏿. Abdul Rahman Jinnah

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