4 officers killed in the ranks of the Saada group (names)

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Consequences:

Four officers in the ranks of the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia were killed during the past 48 hours, on the battlefronts in the Al-Barah and Al-Dhalea axes, as a result of the violations of the militia on the battlefronts, especially the fronts of western Taiz, Al-Dhalea, and Ma’rib. The Houthis acknowledged their deaths without revealing their locations.

The Houthi militias confirmed the death of four officers, including two dead who received the rank of major, one dead with the rank of captain, and another with the rank of second lieutenant. The militias, as usual, did not reveal the front on which they fell.

The four dead fell on the Al-Barah and Al-Dhalea axis fronts, which witnessed confrontations during the past 48 hours. They are: (major/ Jibril Hamza Al-Hadrami, major/ Taha Amer Zilai, captain/ Ahmed Abdullah Mohsen Al- Afif, and second lieutenant/ Fahd Ali Barra).

Human losses continue among the ranks of the Houthi militias as a result of their escalation and continuous violations on the battle fronts, and this coincides with the continued mobilizations and reinforcements of the group, especially since the beginning of this week.

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