637 mines were removed through the “Masam” project within a week

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(Aden Al-Ghad) Consequences:

The King Salman Humanitarian Help and Relief Center “Masam” project to clear Yemeni lands of mines during the second week of November 2023 was able to remove 637 mines in various regions of Yemen, including two anti-personnel mines, 117 anti-tank mines, and 518 unexploded ordnance.

The “Masam” team removed 148 unexploded ordnance in Aden Governorate, and in Al-Dhalea Governorate, it removed one anti-personnel mine in Hajar District. The team in Hodeidah Governorate also removed 25 unexploded ordnance and 6 anti-tank mines in Al- Khawkhah District, and removed one anti-personnel mine. For tanks and two unexploded ordnance in Hays District. The team in Ma’rib Governorate was also able to remove 8 unexploded ordnance in Al-Wadi District, 100 anti-tank mines and 300 unexploded. ordnance in Ma’rib District, and one anti-personnel mine in Ragwan District.

In Shabwa Governorate, the team removed one anti-tank mine and one unexploded ordnance in the Usaylan District. In Taiz Governorate, the “Masam” team was able to remove one anti-tank mine and one unexploded ordnance in Bab al-Mandab District, and 4 anti-personnel mines and 27 anti-tank mines in Al-Mukha District, 4 anti-tank mines and 6 unexploded ordnance in Dhubab District Thus, the number of mines removed during the month of November rose to 1,472 mines, bringing the number. from mines removed since the beginning of the “Masam” project until now to 421 thousand and 469 mines planted randomly in various places. Yemeni lands to claim more innocent victims of children, women and the elderly.

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