Abyan taxes and citizen theft Brigadier General Youssef Al-Aqel wrote

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From the time the citizen enters Abyan until he leaves and recites: “And We made a barrier between them with their hands and a barrier behind them, so We covered them so that they could not see.” ﵞ; In order to escape from the bandits who stand for him on the side of the road, holding out their hands for him to pay the toll on this road, they were ashamed to go to the mosques and complain to the people about the situation. , and how can they complain about the situation to them, when they are leaders and occupy positions, so the search for a method of legalized embezzlement coupled with the use of weapons Is the best way to bring in money, and this is where the idea came from. of collection points and projectiles and begging.

The citizen does not know how to survive the crises of war on the one hand, corruption on the one hand and taxes on the other, etc. The merchant pays the beggars what they want, but he will raise the price of the commodity to compensate for the loss, so the poor citizen buys it at a high price, which forces him to go into debt in addition to his salary to save money. Life for his children, everything this so that the tax collectors can live in luxury and prosperity.

Abyan was distorted because of the tax collectors, and the councils began to speak: The people of Abyan are bandits, and the people of Sahat. Abyan, who was known for making men and leaders, Abyan, for help, pride and dignity. People. began to desire another way than their own, and they did not like to see it, and if Abyan was mentioned, bandits were mentioned.

We stood against this action from the first point it was taken and warned against it, although they asked us – the military police in Abyan – to be the ones responsible for it and to have our lineage, so we told them: Fear God. as for the people. Are we a state that guards the people or eats them? The matter reached the ex-minister of defense, and they brought us instructions from him, and we got into trouble for our refusal, and we said that it was impossible for any point to happen which falsely devours people, while we were its guardians. that, the matter was not limited to one point, but rather points, and each party made a point for himself who ate from it in full view.

O people of knowledge and jurisprudence, where is your word? Give us a fatwa. Do these people who cut off people and steal from them for money fall in the words of God Almighty: “They only reward those who fight against God and His messenger. and fight in Cause corruption so that they are killed, or crucified, or their hands and feet cut off from behind, or banished from such a land. O God, Shame in this world, and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment. Because of this corruption, which pervades all who pass on the road to Abyan, and they frighten people with weapons, and they cannot pass without paying money, where is the judiciary to enforce the law of my Lord against these corruptions?

Commander of the Military Police in Abyan, Brigadier General Yousef Al-Aqel.

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