Consultative meeting between the South Aden Court of Appeal and Aden Security to strengthen cooperation and joint coordination

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The South Aden Appeal Prosecutor and the Aden Security Administration held a consultation meeting this Thursday morning at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in order to improve aspects of joint cooperation between the two sides. This meeting takes place in accordance with the circular of the Prosecutor General, Judge Qaher Mustafa . Ali, No. (2) for the year 2023, published on 1/11/2023. Regarding the holding of periodic meetings to overcome difficulties, avoid deficiencies and negatives, and improve the level of work and coordination between the prosecutors and the security services affiliated. with the security administration of the county.

The meeting discussed a number of topics, including combating crime and ways to improve work between the Capital Security Administration and the South Aden Appeal Prosecutor, and the unified work mechanism to quickly implement procedures and arrest warrants to arrest wanted persons, deal with prison problems in police. sections and the central prison, and to provide the necessary environment for prisoners according to the mechanism of the legal system.

In the meeting, the Chief Prosecutor of the South Aden Court of Appeal, Judge Wadah Abdullah Badhib, confirmed that this meeting comes as a translation of the directives of His Excellency the Attorney General to improve joint cooperation between the Public Prosecutor and the security services and to promote common work, and that this important meeting, in which the spirit of orality and serious, positive discussion is expected, will come as a continuation of the meetings. The collective and individual precedent throughout the year 2023 AD, titled the positives and negatives in the joint working mechanism between the Public Prosecutor and the security services, represented by the Aden Security Administration, led by Major General Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, and their achievements.

Judge Waddah Badhib indicated that this meeting comes to discuss the negatives and obstacles that hindered the joint work during the year in order to come up with proposals, solutions and treatment that will promote the joint work. He emphasized that among the results of their joint work was the approval of the Director of Security in Aden to build a special headquarters for the Security and Investigation Prosecutor in coordination with His Excellency Attorney General.

For his part, the Director of Security of the capital, Aden, Major General Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, confirmed during the meeting that despite the support of the local authority for the management of the security of Aden, the operating budget is small, and that the mechanism of the security system has now taken good steps after the support of the Emirati brothers, who had a good effect in this aspect in terms of providing mechanisms for departments. The police, and currently security in Aden is gradually improving, and their ambition is more big than that, adding that this improvement must be maintained and more efforts must be made to develop all safety aspects, and that the year 2024 AD will be the year of training and qualification.

The Director of Aden Security emphasized the strengthening of coordination and continuous communication between security and the Public Prosecutor, and that their relationship with the South Aden Public Prosecution Prosecution is excellent in terms of controlling various and serious crimes, whatever and wherever they may be , so they must work at a high speed and with good behavior.

The consultative meeting resulted in the creation of a joint commission of security and prosecution to make field visits to inspect the situation of the Mansoura Central Prison in Aden to inspect the conditions of the prisoners there, and to find solutions to accommodate and transfer prisoners to it from the prisons of the Criminal Investigation Department and the police departments, and to address the food shortage as a result of the increase in the number of prisoners in the central prison in the Mansoura District.

The consultative meeting recommended the continuation of such consultative meetings, which strengthen the relationship and joint coordination between the Public Prosecutor, the Aden Security Department, Criminal Investigation and the police departments in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the South Aden Appellate Prosecutor.

The consultation meeting was attended by judge Wadah Abdullah Badhib, chief prosecutor of the Southern Aden Appeals Prosecution, judge Anis Jamaan, the official spokesperson of the Public Prosecutor, judge Majid Sultan Al-Hakimi, member of the Southern Aden Appeals Prosecution, judge Abdul. Qadir Al-Fadhli, Deputy Prosecutor of Sirah Primary Instance, Judge Bassam Ghaleb, Deputy Prosecutor of Security and Investigation in Aden Governorate, and Judge Khaled Al-Hassani, Deputy Prosecutor for Press and Publishing, Judge Fahd Abdullah Fadel, Deputy Prosecutor of Khormaksar, Judge Muhammad Ali Al -Nimr, deputy prosecutor of Al-Mualla, judge Dr. Sumaya Qubati, acting deputy prosecutor for Industry and Commerce, judge Nasser Modhesh, deputy prosecutor of the Central Prison, judge Bassam Mufaddal, member of the Sheikh Othman Primary Prosecutor. .

On the security side, the meeting was attended by the Director of Aden Security, Major General Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, Colonel Hassan Al-Omari, Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation, Colonel Ali Hussein Al-Zamili, Director of Narcotics Control, Colonel Nabil Amer, Director of Crater Police, Colonel Fadl Al-Jahafi, Director of Al-Mualla Police, and Colonel Adel Muhammad Salha Al-Radfani, Director of Khor Police Maksar, Lieutenant Colonel Nasser Hammoud, Director of the Qaloua Police Station, Captain Amjad Abdel Hamid Al-Subaihi, Director of the Tawahi Police, and lieutenant colonel Naqeeb Al-Yahri, Director of the Mansoura Central Prison.

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