Coordination meeting in Al-Khawkhah between the coordinator of the shelter group in Yemen and representatives of local and international organizations

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Al-Khawkha ((Aden of Tomorrow)) by Fouad Al-Awsaji

The Director General of Al-Khawkhah District, Salem Alyan, met with the Director General of the Social Affairs and Labor Office, Adel Al-Mukarshab, the Director of the Administrative Unit in Hodeidah Governorate, Jamal Mashra’i, the Chief Coordinator. of the Shelter Cluster in Yemen, “Martha Ko Donkor”, and representatives of some UN and international organizations working in the governorate.

The meeting, which was attended by the Director of Security of the Governor, Brigadier General Najeeb Waraq, discussed strengthening the coordination between the local authority and humanitarian partners in the field of shelter and protection, and overcoming the challenges facing the implementation of humanitarian and development projects in the county. , which is suffering from the consequences of the war imposed by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

Alyan and Al-Mashari praised the efforts made by humanitarian organizations to support the displaced in the field of shelter and protection, noting the need of the liberated districts and areas in the governorate for more humanitarian interventions.

The General Director of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in the county, Adel Mukarshab, emphasized the need to improve shelters for the displaced, to rehabilitate health and educational facilities, and to repair some homes that were damaged as a result of the war caused by. the terrorist Houthi militia.

Al-Mukarshab emphasized the importance of moving from emergency projects to strategic and sustainable development projects that contribute to improving the service and living conditions of citizens.

In turn, the chief coordinator of the Shelter Cluster in Yemen praised the level of cooperation of local authorities to facilitate the work of humanitarian organizations, so that they can reach everyone who needs the necessary help to ensure a decent life.

The meeting was attended by the representative of the Protection Bloc at the Commission, Muhammad Farid, the field director of the Commission, Muammar Alwan, the field officer of the Commission, Osama Al-Bakili, and the field assistant of the Commission, Salem Al-Faqir.

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