Ghaithan: We reject turning government facilities and installations into dens of corruption

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Abyan (Aden of tomorrow) Specialty:

Mr. Hassan Ghaithan Al-Kazmi, head of the executive body of the local leadership of the Transitional Council in Abyan Governorate, affirmed his rejection of all practices, abuses and violations against workers in all service facilities in the governorate and the transformation of government facilities . and facilities in dens of corruption and abuse of the resources and income of citizens in all aspects of life.

Ghaithan said that the leadership of the Council will take seriously the report of the President of the Medical and Health Professions Union on Al-Razi Hospital and will work to take measures with the relevant authorities to stop the mistreatment that has affected one of the most important vital facilities in the country. county

This happened during his meeting today in his office in the capital, Zanzibar, with the head of the Medical and Health Professions Union at Al-Razi Al-Nakhli Hospital, Ali Omar, in the presence of the Secretary General of the General Federation of Southern Unions in the governorate, Saleh Akish, and member of the National Assembly, Nasser Atef.
Ghaithan from Al-Nakhli listened to a detailed explanation of the deterioration of services and the health situation in Al-Razi hospital in general due to its mismanagement, which caused the doctors to be deprived of their financial fees.

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