Happens only in Abyan…the closing of Al-Wadee Hospital in front of patients is why!!| Written by Ali Mansour Moqrat

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For the first time, even in wars, a hospital was closed..but this is happening today.. Al-Wadee Hospital in Abyan Governorate closed its doors for days and people are dying from the disease.. This is the only hospital left in Al -Wadee District, the birthplace of former president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, after Al-Qaeda destroyed all the facilities. Government..

The director of the hospital, Nasser Samman, and the director of the health office, Babin Saleh Al-Tharm, replaced the director of the hospital, Abdul Qader Muhammad Al-Danbou, who maintained and developed the services of the hospital, and the replacement did not makes to have health quality. This happened after various harassments that he was subjected to by those officials. After that, the hospital was closed and until today.. So what is the responsibility of the thrams and fat people, when they destroy what is left of the treatment dose for the citizens? What is the position of those leaders and officials attached to the lowly who are chasing positions, money and wealth. They have not lifted a finger to address the simplest outstanding problem if you were the governor of Abyan. The first step is to change the director from the health office in the governorate, Saleh Al-Tharm. , even if he tried to take refuge with the minister, Dr. Buhaybah, and with the same decision, to change the director of Al-Wadie District, Nasser Samen, and open the hospital to treat citizens..
In Abyan, the health situation has worsened in Ahwar, Shaqra, and others, and the threat may come to close the Al-Razi and Zanzibar Hospital Authority. We expect more than that. It is true that the governor is traveling for treatment, but the secretary is his deputy, Mahdi Al-Hamid, who is a respectable person who is supposed to solve such sensitive issues that relate to people and does not accept delay.

Al-Hamid, I know, is not afraid because of his position, and he has a virtuous home and family, so he does not look at this nonsense. Today he is the Acting Director of the Abyan Authority. The people in the village are poor, most of them with the exception of the officials and military and security leaders. They are passive people seeking the post of governor of Abyan. This is a disaster. They could not open their district hospital, so how can they compete for Abu Bakr Hussein’s seat? I advise them to clear their consciences and get enough of the billions of illegal things and taxes. There is nothing good for their families. How do they manage a pivotal governor who represents the historical strategic depth of the country?
Open the doors of Al-Wadee Hospital and let this staff, the last remaining of the sources, provide treatment to the citizens of the district.. Enough revenge and settle scores, and God is the Helper.

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