Hashla meets with the coordinator of the organization Civilians in Light of Conflict and his accompanying delegation.

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Shabwa ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

The General Secretary of the Local Council in Shabwa Governorate, Abd Rabbuh Hashla, met today in his office in the city of Ataq with the coordinator of the Medenine Organization in Light of the Conflict, Iskandar Youssef, and the accompanying delegation.
During the meeting, which was attended by the governor’s adviser, Talib Mahdi, the directors of the Office of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr. Omar Bahmid, the office of women’s development, Kafa Lahnaf, and the deputy director of security, Brigadier General Ahmed Lahoul, coordinator Iskandar Youssef reviewed the general objectives of the international organization, which is mainly involved in protecting civilians in conflict countries around the world. He explained the quality and nature of its interventions in Yemen and the human rights activities it carries out in the governorates of Aden. , Taiz and Ma’rib, and its entry into Shabwa and Hadramaut, underlining the intention to hold the first training programs for members of the security and military units in the governorate at the beginning of next week.
Secretary General Hashla welcomed the visit of the coordinator of the organization and his accompanying delegation, noting the importance of its activities and general objectives in the field of protecting civil life and human rights, drawing attention to its new intervention in the county, emphasizing its role in the field of strengthening and building the capacities of members of the security and military units in the county, directing the need to share developments. In the women’s police in the training programs of the organization, he looks forward to expanding the activity of the organization in the county to include others. sectors concerned with human rights in the county.

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