In the corridors of the United Nations, the United Nations… a double standard Written by Ahmed Abdullah Amzarba

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We have a common saying that explains the standards of double standards that says:
If my son hits your son, it’s normal for kids to play…for you
If your son hits my son, he will bleed to his knees!
Double standards, double standards or double standards
It is a political concept that was formulated in its modern form in 1912.
Refers to any set of principles that include
Different judgments for a group of people compared to
Another group.
Politics of double standards. That’s American policy
It oversees the decisions of the UN Security Council and the United Nations
America, there is no voice louder than the voice of America
The policy of double standards is known to the peoples of the whole world
Do not be afraid of the ignorant because of its clarity and its arrogant practice
And the cowardly silence of the Arab and Islamic regimes
This is what motivated the Zionists to commit genocide
Against the Palestinian people, not from today, but from now on
For more than 75 years under the cover of a policy of tolerance
Double standards…
What is happening in Gaza today in terms of genocide, hunger and displacement
Forced and killed children of thousands and hundreds of them still
Under the trash.
American policy justifies these criminal acts
It was a legitimate right for the Zionists, forgetting the right of the people
The Palestinian on his land and sanctities are violated by an instrument
The American war and its agents supporting the Zionist entity.
Promoting false and bogus Zionist plays
The last of which was the storm of Al-Shifa Medical Hospital, the largest building
A medical center in Gaza under false pretenses supported by the United States
America and its allies that cannot be believed by reason or logic….
The consensus of Arab and Muslim countries in particular and peoples
The free world as a whole is an absolute insult and humiliation to humanity
Collectively, regardless of gender, religion, affiliation or foundation
For an unstable and insecure world, justice is the basis for survival
Nations and their prosperity as declared in all heavenly books
And the man-made laws that US politics, global Zionism and its allies have spewed out….
Throughout history, countries and empires have collapsed
Whatever power you have, only the truth will prevail in the end
This is God’s promise, and God’s promise is true, and anything less than it is false…
Gaza will win, the earth will sprout with people, and Palestine, the land that refuses to budge, will not die.
🖋️ Ahmed Abdullah Amzarba

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