In the presence of a great feminist… the announcement of the Women’s Transition Center in Al-Dabaa in Al-Houta District

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The Department of Women and Children in the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Al-Houta District inaugurated this afternoon, Thursday, the announcement of the Transitional Women’s Center in Al-Dabaa area in the city of Al-Houta.

At the beginning of the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Farez Al-Ban, head of the local leadership of the Al-Houta transition, made a speech in which he welcomed the sisters from the Al-Dabaa region in Al-Houta, thanking and appreciating. their positive participation in promoting the women’s center in the region.

He emphasized that this announcement comes as a continuation of the centers that were announced in Al-Houta and within the plan of the Transitional Council to activate and control the women’s sector and open the way for women to actively participate in the political arena and participate in various aspects. , including organizational and institutional work.

Professor Hanaa Al-Shafifi, Director of the Department of Women and Children in the Al-Houta Transitional Council, gave a speech in which she expressed her happiness at the presence of this unexpected number of women from the Al-Dabaa Center, describing it as important and an advanced step in the framework of the expansion of the Southern Transitional Council.

After an atmosphere of nomination and voting, leadership for the center was chosen, consisting of five members, led by Sister Shaima Abdo Ali Saif as president, and each of the sisters was elected:
1- Aisha Nasser. His deputy
2- Mona Fadl Mater, reporter
3- Nassim Abdel Ghaffar Muhammad Qaed, member
4- Rowaida Qadri.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by brother Muhammad bin Muhammad, Head of the Transit Center in Al-Dubai, and sister Dana Alban, Deputy Director of the Organizational Department of Al-Houta Transit Center.

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