Jaber Muhammad: The Kingdom always affirms its absolute support for the Presidential Council

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Well-known journalist and political analyst Jaber Muhammad praised the standing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the President of the Presidential Council and its members at the current stage, which requires a serious attitude to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

Jaber said in a statement, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always affirms its absolute support to the Presidential Leadership Council, and this is a clear and sincere position witnessed by the political, military, security and service support in the various fields provided to Yemen. .”

He added: “Yemeni legitimacy welcomed the Saudi initiative, which is the most appropriate to the Yemeni reality and guarantees the future and social coexistence away from all the chaos that is happening.”

Jaber believes that “Houthi will enter the peace process and settlement negotiations while he is at his weakest military and service state, looking for a lifeline, especially after the increase of popular anger in the governorates under his control.”

He added, “We all realize that the Houthi group cannot live in a stable state of security, but the upcoming negotiations will force it to do so.”

Jaber explained that “the movements of the President of the Presidential Leadership Council and its members at the external level had a significant positive impact on the peace process and eased the burdens on the Yemeni people.”

Jaber pointed out that “the Presidential Council is working as a single team at all political, economic, security and military levels to reach a radical solution to end the war and coup and restore the state.”

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