Major General Al-Bakri is an honest person, and my message to the political leadership is: is there a correction?| Sami Al-Saghir wrote

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In the language of honesty and in the vocabulary of conscience and honesty, he said it with a sincere expression
In his publications and speeches, which are circulated in many social networks and various media, he directed the need to correct mistakes in all political, security, economic, military and other aspects.
He always calls for the creation of a sovereign state with a system and law under which all citizens can find shade

Thus this man always speaks with his mouth full
He is Major General Saleh Ahmed Hussein Al-Sayyid Al-Bakri, First Deputy Secretary of Lahj Governorate
The man, to be honest, deserves to be saluted and praised for his deeds, deeds, morals, humility and assistance to the sick, the poor and the needy around him.

I do not know the man, and I swear to Almighty God, and there is no contact between me and him, lest you think we are writing for a handful of money.
But we pay tribute to those honorable, loyal and heroic men, and we don’t care what the reactions are.

He is looking for a better future and a bright tomorrow. In all honesty I speak and praise this national figure, and I am not a mercenary.
But if the dung indicates the camel and the track indicates the road, then this man has done a lot to preserve Lahj, and the witness to this, small and large, is that he works silently and with unparalleled creativity.
The latest is his honoring of eighty-four of the martyrs of October 14 in Lahj Governorate on the occasion of Independence Day, which is November 30.

God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves
Will our rulers change their foolish policies?
It is represented by hatred, selfishness, arrogance, exclusion, love of their personal interests, selfishness, and others.
One year comes and another ends
As citizens, we are still waiting for someone to remove the temporary capital, Aden, and other wastes of chaos, favoritism, ingratitude and exclusion.
One official goes and another comes without doing what satisfies the bereaved people. What shame and guilt, oh people!

Dear beloved reader
We hoped that the capital, Aden, the southern governorates in particular, and the liberated Yemeni governorates in general would witness safety, security, prosperity, sustainable peace, and form the characteristics of the future we were waiting for.
But the days and years pass
As citizens, we still live the reality of pain and suffering, even though the conditions are good
Because there is support and interest from brothers and friends in neighboring countries and in dollars, the latest of which is a financial subsidy amounting to five billion dollars.
But it seems clearly visible
The reason for what is happening are those of His Excellency and decision makers?

The Transitional and Presidential Councils, with all due respect, did not put the right person in the right place
Rather, they relied on the politics of relatives and gains
This is wrong and wrong, dear readers.

Major General Saleh Al-Bakri, First Deputy Secretary of Lahj Governorate, is a man, and to be honest, he deserves, quite honestly, to have his task assigned to him in the administration of the capital, Aden.

I am talking here about Major General Al-Bakri, and I am not a man of reform. I swear by God, and I did not receive money from him, and I swear by God, the Mighty and Most High, so that you do not think badly of us , our dear readers.
But the truth is told about the honorable and heroic men of our country

And my message in conclusion
Give Major General Saleh Al-Bakri, First Undersecretary of Lahj Governorate, leadership of the capital, Aden, and you will see the results of his fruitful work within a short period of time.
Good morning, my homeland
My final message to our political leaders: Is there a fix?
We are waiting and may you always be under the care and protection of God

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