Meeting discusses the level of activity of the Executive Office in Al-Tawahi District in Aden

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In its meeting today, led by the Director General of the Tawahi District, Judge Wajdi Al-Shaabi, the Executive Office of the Tawahi District discussed the level of performance of some executive offices in the Board.

The meeting, in the presence of members of the administrative offices of the board of directors, reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting and reports on the activities of the stakeholders in water, sanitation, social affairs and work, the difficulties encountered in the work flow, and the solutions . to deal with them.

In the meeting, Judge Wajdi Al-Shaabi emphasized the importance of improving the performance of the administrative offices of the directorate and improving the level of services provided to citizens in a way that meets the acceptable limit of urgent requirements and provide them in accordance with quality and efficiency. standards, directing the preparation of the necessary studies on the needs of projects in water and sanitation to be included in the investment program for the year 2024 AD

The Director General of the Directorate showed the interest and zeal of His Excellency the Minister of State and Governor of the Capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Lamlas, to improve the service and development activity of the Board and the various boards of the Capital, Aden , especially in the light of these current circumstances that the country is going through, encouraging everyone to feel the responsibility placed on their shoulders.

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