Mr. Hilal on the tenth anniversary of his death

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Written by: Mansour Al-Alahi

Ten years have passed since the passing away of Hajj/Mr Muhammad Hilal…
On this day in the year 2013 AD, the city of Modia and the Al-Khair Mosque bid farewell to Hajj Sayyed Muhammad Hilal…

Who among us does not know Mr. Mohamed Hilal…?
That good man who lived among us for decades spent most of them in the Al-Khair Mosque in the city of Modia, and he used the room of the mosque near the suburb as his residence, and he opened and closed the mosque for the five daily prayers…

After the afternoon prayer, we see him heading, leaning on his cane, to Ahmed Nasser Al-Sabban’s cafe to take his place at one of the tables to watch the game of “dumna” with his old colleagues, who have long been used to playing . it every afternoon and still is…!

We remember Mr. Mohamed Hilal who was loved by the people of Modiya.
We see young people gather around him when he falls ill, bringing him medicine and food and caring for him until he recovers.

We remember his relationship to the mosque and his place behind the imam, when he sat on his chair in calmness and dignity to perform his prayers with respect…!
We always remember him and will not forget him, and we pray for mercy and forgiveness for him.

✍️Mansour Al-Alahi
November 16, 2023

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