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Elon Musk liked a post saying that Jews practice hatred against white people and the West. In his comment on the post, Musk said, addressing its author: You spoke the truth.

His few words opened fire on him from everywhere. Rosenberg, the Atlantic columnist, called Musk an anti-Semite, warning that his words come at a time when anti-Semitism is sweeping the planet.

Musk, whose page has more than 160 million followers, and more than 150,000 people work in his companies, accepted the confrontation and began to write in the same vein about Judaism, which hates the West and practices with it what it does not accept to himself. Musk launched a direct attack on the ADL, or the Anti-Defamation League, a long-armed Jewish organization that uses “anti-Semitism/slander” to suppress free speech and control public discourse. He said her behavior disgusted him, and it had to be stopped!

Musk believes that the organization creates confusion about the X platform, which he owns, that is, is hostile to him personally, and that it is responsible for the collapse of his market value. A case was filed against her last September, but no one took the file seriously.
More than once, Musk has written demanding an end to the influence enjoyed by this “Jewish” organization and entities like it.
On the other hand, the Jewish lobby in America not only has long arms, but also a decisive readiness for brutality and abuse. But, despite its ability, it seems unable to keep pace with the transformations taking place in the world, contenting itself with ruling the ranks of politics and the media.

The most recent data says that less than 50% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 support Israel, and this is the generation that sees the world through social media and through Elon Musk’s page. If we add to these estimates information that says that Palestinian content on global networks is five times the Israeli content, then Musk will be the opening act for a new era in which the ADL, AIPAC and their counterparts lose the monopoly on truth/stories .

Palestine was not as loud as it is now, Israel was not alone as at this time, and the world was not as wide and diverse as it is in these hours.


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