On your fourth annual immortal memory, our martyr, heroic leader, Rashid Qahtan Hariri Written by Wadah Al-Hariri

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And in the dark night, when the full moon is gone, my people will remember me when their grandfather, our heroic martyr Rashid Qahtan Hariri, finds his body. What a great event I express on the fourth anniversary of your martyrdom, and with these simple words I express what is in my heart, on the day when your pure young soul ascended, in the spring of its days, as a martyr to heaven, carrying with it pains. A perished mother also left us, and a father who waited his soul rest for many years.

My brother handcuffed me and tied my tongue. They accused me of being exalted in my chastity and spreading my soul on my ground. Their breath choked my fist, because I sanctify my freedom, so they handcuffed me! Quoted verses.

My brother, my brother! He is the hero, the martyr leader, Rashid Qahtan. You taught us and guided us that martyrdom is leadership by shedding your pure blood while facing the enemy, defending the soil of your country and our capital, Aden, on its outskirts. the fourth anniversary of your martyrdom, I express what is in my soul, so that I can be freed from what is in it, and you left me, a thorn in my side, and it melted. My heart is far from you, and my soul wanders, recounting the sadness of the days and the memories of the years. We belong to God and to Him we will return. We do not say: Let the decrees happen as God wills. Praise be to God always and forever. .

Shout, oh heaven, because whoever was my support in life went to his Lord as a martyr and left me to swallow the pain of separation from him. You left me, his brothers and your father alone in the darkness of the world. How painful it is for us to part with you, my brother, when your soul rose as a martyr on this day, November 16, 2020. It is a painful, painful and sad day since you left us to the highest heaven. otherwise can calm my bereaved soul and remove from us the gloom of the years? Oh you, who left us as a martyr without saying a word of farewell to us, oh Lord, give us patience in his separation. My Lord, behold You are in your heaven, the Most High, comforting the hearts of the sad, so comfort our hearts to part with my brother, the martyr Rashid, because there is no one but You, O God, who hears my complaint. and have mercy on our hearts. Who rose as a martyr in the presence of Malik Rahim.

There is no objection to Your judgment, O Lord, and Your destiny. Anyway, thank God.

This is the year of life and sacrifices for the motherland are obligatory and precious, and what hurts our hearts today is the situation in which we find ourselves, the misery and suffering that has befallen our beloved south and its people from evil, unjust and unjust conspiracies, until this will be our fate, (for (the south) for all honorable southerners) The free people and we cannot leave him, and as the leader, President Aidaroos Qasim Abdulaziz Al-Zubaidi said, God protect him and guide his steps to the good of our people, the South, and the nation. He said that we are on the path of the martyrs of the South, marching to victory and the restoration of the state of the South, with its capital, Aden .

The truth is always victorious, and that is our firm belief in the hearts of the honorable people of the South. They are patient with the price and oppression like the ship of the desert, and because of South Arabia the sacrifice is easy, and agents, cowards, traitors, mercenaries and dependents today fall into false positions because of their own interests. . Without any justification and at the cost of the blood of our martyrs and freedom fighters,

But far from that, patience has limits, and our people in the south will triumph, no matter how much falsehood and deception prevail. The south, under the leadership of our leader Abu Al-Qasim, with its free and honorable people, will triumph. above the enemies and all lies. The homeland is built in the south and the capital is Aden.

May God have mercy on the martyr, Commander Rashid Qahtan Al-Hariri, and all the martyrs of South Arabia, and give them a spacious place in Paradise!

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