OPPO unveils the new ColorOS 14 interface, including its features

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i started company OPPO Subtract set free Experimental Global of Interface ColorOS 14 in some Regions, And it will be phone Find N2 Flip first of Receives on set free constant in in the middle A month november.

to you everyone what he new in broadcasting 14:

Let’s get started With a motor Trinity that It was completed Update it. stand up ROM Vitalization With pressure Data Applications And files And he can to provide what It arrives to 20 GB of space Storage on phone typical. And he gets up Energizing memory random (RAM Vitalization) By substitution mechanism memory random (RAM) For system Android By mechanism more Skill, especially in retention With applications the background in memory random.

Component the third And the last one, Energizing loneliness Processing centralization, To balance between performance to slide And use energy.

how It is characterized by Interface ColorOS now System Shipping delicious uses Algorithm Intelligence artificial to assign a stream Shipping a building on what if i was used the phone And how You use it. And aim this to reduction eat the battery.

And I have It was completed addition Image keeper to existing Advantages Privacy. to add this So More to reach to the pictures And clips the video specified on Your device.

how maybe For Smart Image Matting now He told several People And animals of picture or framework fixed of Picture. And help yourself Technique Smart Touch new on set up Texts And pictures And clips the video of Applications Original And applications Party the third And collect it in File Dock.

And it looks like File Dock clipboard that allows for you storage Content use it Later. And it is done synchronization this between Devices ColorOS, So TheThe things that i woke up Parking it using Smart Touch, on road example, device Opp Pad available on your phone too.

Bonus on that Receives Users Snapchat now on treatment especially, so They can situation abbreviation Snapchat on screen lock up to reach In a sense faster. there too a tool Snapchat Private With the shovel, Who It gives you Updates Quick around Messages And cases new And even place closer your friends.

She got up company OPPO An update appearance And appearance Interface the user too With elements polished And united. Get ready design Aqua Dynamic sentence on a group of Bubbles And capsules And paintings common that It appears of tape the condition To see Jobs For less Casserole ofentertainment.

In addition to that It was completed now fee tape the condition And the content that He appears on the screen of System Aquamorphic Coloring that matches with Colors Most of it Importance for a time of today.

like She added company OPPO template Go Green the new to screen Always On Screen. You could too use attachments Bitmoji that It will be done Update it automatically on Orbit today a building on place your presence to gesture You do it And the weather And context The other one.


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