Philanthropist Amin Haidara Qasim and Sheikh Muhammad Gibran Nasser visit the Haidari Bayafa Road project.

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Yafa’ ((Aden of Tomorrow)) instead of Muhammad Al-Saadi

The brother, the benevolent man, Amin Haidara, Qasim Abu Osama, Sheikh Muhammad Gibran Nasser Daaban, Sheikh Mihdhar Abdullah Ali Daaban, the Commander of the Rabat Security Zone, Colonel Awad Muhammad Al-Saadi, the Director of the Youth and Students Administration in the Transitional District of Yafa Rasd, Mr. Amer Ali Al-Awadi, and the Director of Al-Wasti School, Mr. Saif Abdullah Ali Daaban, visited tonight. Wednesday, November 15, 2023 AD, the project of the late Abd Rabbuh Al-Haidari Sinsil – Shamsan – Maaraban Road, to review the progress of work in this vital project, the implementation of which will connect many areas near the project to the main Maaraban Road.

As the visitors arrived at the project site, the final connection point near the Naoum area, they were received by the philanthropist Sheikh Khaled Hussein Al-Sarraj, the project manager, brother Abdul Majeed Saleh Thabet, the financial director of the project , Colonel Salah Muhammad. Karam, the head of the administrative body, Mr. Othman Ali Abdul Qawi, Haj Saleh Nasr Al-Rada’i, and the activist Sami Muhammad Yahya, Fahd Ali Abdo, Faisal Alawi bin Aqeel, and Basil Hussein Ahmed.

They inspected the progress of the work on the project road, which has a total length of approximately six kilometers. The work was prepared years ago on the road extending from the village of Nasser, Sinsel and Shamsan, with a length of approximately four kilometers, at the hands of the deceased Abd Rabbuh Al-Haidari, may God rest his soul.

They inspected the progress of the work at the final connection point, which is about 25 meters long, where there are works to build a solid stone wall reaching a height of 12 meters. The work was done on the foundation of the wall with reinforced concrete, cement castings and backfilling. It was six concrete pillars were also created, distributed along the length of the road. For the wall, it was previously attached to the wall at a height of three meters with a concrete table and cement pouring. Currently, work is being prepared on the wall, which is ten meters high, by spreading of iron and completing some carpentry work to pour the cement in the coming days.
As work is being prepared at this point, work will be done on the occasional expansion of the road to some places, as well as measuring the road and preparing it for the official opening.
Thus, the project road will be officially opened, connecting the areas of Shaab Al-Armi and many other areas of the Yafa District, Abyan Governorate, with the areas of Wadi Maarban, administratively affiliated with the Yahr Yafa District, Lahj Governorate, which are close to the main asphalt road.
During their visit, the philanthropist Amin Haidara Qassem and his companions expressed their great happiness and great satisfaction with what they saw about the tremendous work they have actually done in this vital and long-awaited project. They praised during their visit the efforts of the project committee. at home and abroad for their diligent follow-up of the progress of the work, which was nearing its end, thanks to God and the efforts of all.

It is worth mentioning that the work in this project is happening in stages, including connecting the road to the Sattaila Ma’raban Road, then implementing the occasional expansion of the road and work to implement work on the road extending from Rahwa Sinsal. towards Nasser Village and other areas from Shaab Al-Armi, to Rabat Al-Sunaidi, according to the modern engineering that was done before. It is a main road that can accommodate all types of large transport vehicles.

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