Saqr Al-Marisi| Written by Abdul Salam Farea

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In the democratic honor festival organized by the Sports Environment Association, which was born gigantic and majestic since the first days of its foundation thanks to rare competences and harmony.
What distinguished its management council under the leadership of the very ambitious international colleague Bashir Sinan was that I got to know closely some of the colleagues who had clear and distinct traces in extending and strengthening the bridges of communication between colleagues, led by the Doctor of Human Development/ Saqr Abdel-Willi Al-Marisi….

Who amazed me with his nobility, loyalty, chivalry and generosity with everyone, and with his broad and deep culture. About how I got to know him at first sight at that forum, which for many colleagues constituted a turning point in history; of the Sports Media Association and sports journalism in general…

It was by announcing the Islamic greeting to a group of colleagues, and Al-Marisi Al-Jamil was one of them…
He was the only one who responded to the greeting with a better one, and then our doctor Al-Marisi added
How did Professor Abdel Salam tell him? who you are
How did you recognize me? He said: “I am so-and-so, and I recognized you by the voice.” Here I thanked him and smiled…

About it, it’s a movie. He is enough with that clean and clear smile, but he explained, saying: “The same voice that we hear on the radio and in sports commentary…

Al-Muraisi Saqr bin Abdul Wali, who is considered one of the most distinguished knights of the Sports Media Association, is at the same time one of the most distinguished lecturers in various fields, in addition to being one of the knights and giants of civil. society organizations in his board through a number of humanitarian and noble community events and activities extending throughout the year with distinction and generosity such as.. ..

Eid clothing… sacrificial meat…
The school bag is bread that is provided to poor families every day…

And throughout the year
And our esteemed doctor Saqr Al-Marisi….
He published my last press appearance in the Aden Al-Ghad newspaper under the title From Here and There on his Facebook page and provided me with the following responses and interventions……

Doctor, is this the same one who commented on the matches on the radio?

Yes, Mr. Abdel Salam Farea himself…

God give him long life.I studied in Taiz and used to love matches with his voice.Oh, those days….

Mr. Abdel Salam is a great media person, but there is a generation these days
It is not known what the elders who preceded them and paved the way for them did
Please convey my sincere regards and best wishes
From Alaa the Brave…

Believe me, doctor, I feel relieved when I see such people who set themselves up and worked hard at a time when the possibilities were very simple…

You, Dr. and Professor Abdel Salam, are always fair, and this indicates your high morals…

Dear, I cannot be compared to someone like the distinguished professor, he is a teacher and we are his students – I thank you for the nobility of your words.

Oh peace, oh peace
About the most brilliant, good people, the able journalist Bin Farea, whom we knew in our social, sports, educational and health lives, and in all the services in Taiz, and he is indeed, as you mentioned, a Doctor, a teacher.
But who can love good people enough…

@….In my previous review, Al-Marisi Saqr bin Abdul Wali republished it on his private page.I received many comments from more than one Arab country….

@…Remember well you only live once so don’t die coward..”

@…”My personality is set, but my style depends largely on you…!!

@…I don’t need an alarm clock to wake up while my mind screams at sunrise..!!

@…. No matter how much you trust others, don’t open any of the rooms of your life to them except the guest room..”

@…One of the wise men said;
Woe to a nation whose destiny is controlled by corrupt people..

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