The Chairman of the Board of Directors visits Airbus in Dubai to discuss the pending agreements

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Dubai ((Aden of Tomorrow)) Special

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemen Airways, Captain Nasser Mahmoud Muhammad, and the General Manager of the company, Dr. Omar Al-Jafri, visited the management of Airbus in Dubai.

The visit, which took place on the side of the Airshow activities held in Dubai these days, aimed to discuss previous agreements between Yemenia and Airbus, and to develop appropriate solutions between the two companies to come up with the lowest costs and in the interest of Yemenia. , in addition to looking for suitable alternatives to work accordingly.

The President of the Board of Directors is trying to strengthen cooperation and understanding between the two companies and provide suitable conditions for concluding new agreements and developing strong working relationships between the two sides. It is expected that this visit will result in positive steps, God willing. .

The visit reflects the commitment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager to address the outstanding issues and try to find appropriate solutions that achieve the maximum benefit for the company and achieve its interests.

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