The Director of Health in Broome Mayfa inspects the health aspect in the “Parsheed Brigade” camp.

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On Thursday morning, the Director of the Office of Public Health and Population in the Broome Mayfa District, Mr. Salem Ahmed Barmeel, inspected the health aspect in the Barsheed Brigade camp in the Al-Ghobar region, in the presence of the rapid response team in the health office in the board. They were received by the Director of the Health Facility in the Barsheed Brigade Camp, Colonel Dr. Ahmed Yahya Al-Radfani, and the Commander of the Fourth Kutubiyah, Colonel Abdulaziz Al-Halmi.

The inspection visit took place after the appearance of some cases of acute watery diarrhea (suspected cholera) in some members of the brigade, and with the aim of reviewing the health situation, examining patients, finding out about the progress of the medical and therapeutic services provided, inspecting sanitation and drinking water sites, and presenting some purposeful awareness lectures related to To prevent cholera, in addition to supporting the camp with medicines, intravenous solutions, and hygiene and sterilization supplies.

During the visit, the director of health in the board and the rapid response team listened to a detailed explanation given by Colonel Dr. Ahmed Yahya Al-Radfani about the medical and therapeutic service provided by the facility and the existing medical cases that suffer from acute . watery diarrhea. The response team inspected some patients in the camp’s health facility and were examined by them. The rapid response doctor, Ali Al-Assad, admitted Ahmran, and the response team inspected the sanitation and drinking water facilities in the camp. Some targeted awareness lectures were given to members of the third and fourth battalions, presented by the health education and information supervisor at the Public Health and Population Office in the Board, Mr. Salah Balkiman, and the Public Health and Population Office in the Directorate provided support with medicines. Intravenous solutions and hygiene and sterilization supplies for the health facility of the Barshid Brigade camp.

In this regard, the Director of the Office of Public Health and Population in Broum Mayfa District, Mr. Salem Ahmed Barmeel, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Office of Public Health and Population in the Hadhramaut Coast, Dr. Muhammad Saleh Al-Jumahi, and the local authority in the district, represented by the Director General, Dr. Khaled Hassan Al-Juhi, for his efforts, support and constant communication, thanking the Commander of the Barsheed Brigade, Brigadier General Abdul-Dameem Al- Shuaibi for the good reception, great cooperation and facilitation of the inspection visit to the camp, emphasizing the effort of more efforts and dedication and improving the quality of the therapeutic and medical service provided in the health facilities, praising the efforts made by the rapid response and epidemiological surveillance team in the directorate on cases of acute watery diarrhea and the great role of the directors of the centers and units. The health department in the directorate continues to follow seriously on the widespread watery diarrhea and immediately presents daily reports, calling on everyone. pay attention to public and personal hygiene and adhere to the instructions and guidelines related to the prevention of cholera.

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