The General Director of Al-Wadee Hospital sends an important message to the magistrate in Abyan Governorate

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The Director General of Al-Wadee’ General Hospital in Abyan Governorate, Dr. Abdul Qadir Muhammad Muhammad Al-Danbou’, sent an important message to the local authority in Abyan Governorate.

The letter stated the following:

Brother / Governor of Abyan Governorate / Major General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem… the esteemed

Brother/Secretary General of the Local Council of Abyan Governorate, Mahdi Al-Hamid… the respected

After Greetings

Subject: Report on Al-Wadee Hospital

At the beginning we greet you and wish you success in your tasks and work. With reference to the above topic, we inform you that since we assumed responsibility for managing the hospital at the beginning of the year 2009, we have undertaken with all honesty and responsibility to activate the work of the hospital and improve the therapeutic services for citizens.

We found only five workers when we took over the hospital, and their highest level was nursing, and the facility was almost without service. We worked to activate all departments in the hospital: dental – laboratories – pharmacy – surgery – obstetrics and gynecology department. – emergency department – health care – maternity and children’s department.

For the first time, the hospital was provided with a specialized obstetrician and gynecologist who performed minor surgeries at the hospital, and work continued at a high rate in receiving medical cases and maternity cases.

During the fall of the county and the board in the hands of terrorist elements, we protected the hospital and kept the medical equipment and devices that we provided to the hospital.

At the beginning of the year 2020 AD, Nasser Samman was appointed Director General of the Directorate, and he sought from the first moments of his appointment to look for jobs for his relatives in the hospital, interfere in the work of the hospital and quit. supporting the organizations supporting the hospital, which led to the gynecologist’s departure.

And maternity, because the hospital administration could not pay the doctor while work continued in the other departments. According to the recent agreement with the General Secretary of the Local Council of the Governorate, Mr. Mahdi

Al-Hamid, the deputy secretary of the governorate, Mr. Muhammad Nasser Al-Jahma, the commander of the security zone in Al-Wadiah, Muhammad Samqa, the director of the directorate, and the director of health in the governorate, to improve performance in the hospital

Taking a few steps, we explain them to you as follows:

1- To provide the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department with a specialist doctor and a monthly salary of (800,000) (eight hundred thousand rials). She performed her duties from January 2023 AD to August 2023 AD, and due to lack of…

Having the resources, we could not pay her salary, so she left the hospital in August

the past -2- We receive sick cases every day, because we saved the lives of many citizens during the spread of fevers in the directorate after hospitalizing them and providing them with full health care.

-3- Work continues every day in all hospital departments, and there is an emergency team working 24 hours a day to receive patients.

-4- We are working hard to find support from organizations to support the hospital, and we hope for the cooperation of the local authority in the county in this

There are many difficulties and obstacles for us, which we present to you and explain as follows: (1) The lack of the operating budget of the hospital, because the budget does not exceed 320 thousand.

This is not enough to transport medicine errands once a month and provide food to the hospital every month (90,000) riyals, and this is not enough to buy a bag of flour and a cup of oil, much less.

Other requirements such as fuel, water, paperwork, etc. Negative interventions of the General Director of the Directorate to interrupt the work of the hospital, and we will mention some of them.


For example the following:

A) He is working to transfer health personnel from the hospital to the health units, the latest of which is transferring midwives and disabling the obstetrics and gynecology department in the hospital.

B: Stop support from international organizations, transfer it to other health units, and receive subpoenas in the name of the hospital that do not reach it.

C) The ongoing malicious reports that he continuously submits, in a false and untrue manner, to the hospital and its departments.

(3) There is no cooperation from the health office of the county to support the hospital, rather it has become an obstacle and a partner with the General Director of the Al-Wadie District to prevent organizations from accessing and supporting the hospital.

(4) Issue malicious and irresponsible decisions to unqualified people who are in the sixth grade level, and assign them to manage the hospital. This is the biggest evidence that they are people who cannot be trusted with the lives and health of citizens or of the hospital and the equipment in it.

This is a total destruction of Al-Wadee Hospital, and therefore we ask you to give your directives to cancel the assignment decision.

Please accept our sincere regards and appreciation,,, Dr. Abdul Qadir Muhammad Muhammad Al-Danboua Date: 11/14 2022

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