The head of the Hadhramaut Collegiate Conference reviews the arrangements for the electricity symposium

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The head of the Great Conference of Hadramaut, Sheikh Amr bin Ali bin Habreesh Al-Ali, reviewed today the arrangements for the electrical symposium planned to be held in the city of Mukalla, with the participation of an elite group of specialists in the electrical sector, experts, academics , and representatives of some institutions and companies working in the field of energy.

Sheikh Bin Habrish heard from the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the symposium, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Aseiq, the Chairman of the Technical Committee, engineer Abdullah Faraj Hamran, and members of the committee, engineer Salmeen Abboud Al-Maari and Professor Osan Muhammad Bahsin, to an explanation of the level of preparations and ongoing preparations for the symposium, and the requirements for its success, underlining that the symposium gains importance because it touches the needs of And the requirements to develop the electricity sector and contribute to identifying its . problems and find appropriate solutions to them based on what is available.

Sheikh Bin Habrish urged the completion of preparations for the symposium in its various aspects and focus on developing realistic and practical solutions and treatments that help achieve the progress of this vital sector.

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