The interim CEO of Lahj meets with the leadership of the Federation of Southern Trade Unions in the county

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Lahj ((Aden of tomorrow)) special

The head of the executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Lahj Governorate, Wadah Al-Halmi, met today Thursday with the leaders of the Federation of Southern Trade Unions in the governorate.

The meeting discussed a number of topics and issues related to the work and role of southern unions in the county, and discussed ways to promote union work to defend the rights of southern workers in the county.

The meeting addressed the decision to transfer employee salaries to private banks and the procedures accompanying the decision, which caused a delay in the disbursement of salaries and hindered work in many sectors, especially the education sector, expressing categorical and absolute rejection of the decision.

Al-Halmi emphasized the need for the southern trade unions to fulfill the responsibility assigned to them, in the defense of the rights of employees and field work in a way that is at the same speed as the current stage, and strongly confront all the procedures and practices to which. employees in the county are exposed.

Al-Halmi affirmed that the transitional leadership of Lahj stands with the demands of the southern trade unions for taking away the rights of employees and rejecting all illegal measures that affect their wages and contribute to increasing their suffering.
Noting that the current stage calls for uniting southern trade union labor according to the systems approved by the senior leadership of the General Federation of Southern Trade Unions.

The Director of Public Administration of the Executive Authority of the Transitional Council, Ali Rashid, reviewed some procedures and steps that would contribute to organizing and strengthening trade union work in the county and make it able to extract the rights of employees and stand strong. and resolute in the face of any violations or abuses.

The head of the union in the governorate, Abdo Al-Mudhaliq, touched on many issues related to the southern unions in the governorate, such as completing the union bodies and branches in the governorate and the districts, and the obstacles that prevent progress. of union labor.

The meeting called on the government to stop the decision to transfer employees’ salaries to private banks, to introduce bonuses and settlements, to pay salaries regularly and not to delay them, and to approve a salary structure that is compatible with the living conditions of employees in the light of the rise in prices and the decrease in the price of the local currency.

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