The next death of the currency..!!| Written by Najib Siddiq

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One segment of our country is enough to make them drool.. This segment lives among us. It is the one that plays with the egg and the stone… it plays fiercely.
This segment owns private commercial banks… and exchange centers and shops… and most of these are currency exchanges.
Some of this segment have been able to play with the government and the central bank and make the people dizzy seven times… both length and breadth… These some of the segment and the government are not shooting at the people with loaded rifles. with gunpowder to kill them…
Rather, they carry white weapons, slaughtering and dismembering people, every day, and with quiet fire.
The men of this segment know very well that what they are doing is a clear violation and crime of the approach to business based on honor, morality and conscience.
In fact, they are more dangerous than those who try to pinch him and die.
Therefore, what this segment is doing is the direct expulsion of development, because it is working to sabotage the economic system in Aden and the whole of Yemen. In its right hand, it carries a sword to cut people’s necks according to exchange rates and never return . its other hand, it carries the rosary of the Sheikh and the Imam, in whose grasp are the affairs of the world and religion.
This segment is the next death of the state and the people.

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